Egging on a Mass Fabricator?

  • I hope i am not the first to think of this,

    I have been thinmking about scrap.. and getting it reliably and getting it into the machine reliably, without manual work.

    Where to get free items to recycle to scrap? Anything I have would just require me to get it and collect it and put it in to the recycler, and then take it out and put it in a Mass fab.

    So the idea is this ( and it works on creative )

    Hopper feeds Mass Fab.

    hopper fed by box which is fed by recycler with upgrade for exporting its items to the box.

    Recycler is fed by a hopper/box, you can put whatever you want in there to recycle.

    Now for a unlimited item to turn to scrap.

    Build a small area for the chickens.... use water to push the eggs into a hopper and that hopper feeds the recycler.

    :Rubber Log: = box
    :Rubber Trampoline: = hopper
    :Generator: = recycler
    :Advanced Machine: = mass fab

    :Rubber Log:
    :Rubber Trampoline:
    :Rubber Log:
    :Rubber Trampoline:
    :Advanced Machine:

  • Indeed you aren't the first to think of this, but the lag generated by zillions of chickens may not be server/client friendly ;) .

    You could try maybe mob grinders?

    true mob grinders would work if you did not need there output..

    my thoughts would be more.. 1-2 scrap every few mins.. so max 10-20 chickens!
    though i realize this could be abused to a insane number but you would need multiple recyclers and such.. possable but headache causing.

  • i got 5 stripe pipe coble generator... and feeds it pretty nicelly.

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  • I remember when I used to play other modpacks that the TE3 tesseract was godly for this kinda thing when used in conjunction with a quarry; strip mining got you shitloads of cobblestone, so you funnelled back to your base via tesseract, then from there shunted the cobblestone to the mass fab. Alternatively I think you can have a similar setup using AE2's quantum link devices. (though only conjecture on my part at this point; I have to refresh what quantum linking does in AE2).

    However this does seem like a decent setup for a 'pure' IC2 playthrough, if slow at managable levels and super laggy at high-input levels. Must admit all I've been doing is mining netherrack in the nether when I pine for some more iridium (but then I'm only running my mass fab on a 400Eu/t output nuke reactor setup, so I've really only got myself to blame; I should probably redesign for higher output if I want faster iridium).

    Going back to the mob grinder recycler, doesn't that require a fixed location near a mob spawner? I don't know about you guys, but I could never get non-spawner grinders to work... ?(

  • I am currently feeding any excess Stone from a silk-touch Ender Quarry to a recycler, via AE2 ME system, no chests, no hoppers. Set it up and forget about it.

    Now this isn't a pure IC2 build, obviously. But on DW20 1.7.10 I have almost 300k stone after dropping a 5x5 ender quarry. keeps the Recycler busy until i plant another one.