Am I missing something with the Tiny Pile of uranium ratio?

  • It seems like to do anything with Uranium 238 you have to combine it with the Tiny Pile of Uranium to get Enriched Uranium Nuclear Fuel. You do this by combining 6 Uranium 238 with 3 Tiny PIles of Uranium. That's a 2:1 ratio. But when you put this stuff through the ore washer and centrifuge you get 5 Uranium 238 and 2 Tiny Piles of Uranium. This isn't a 2:1 ratio. This results in piles of Uranium 238 that I have nothing to do with. And that seems to be the only way to get Tiny PIles.

    Am I missing something here or is there some other use for 238 besides the Enriched Uranium Nuclear Fuel recipe?

  • It's based off real life, where they only put about 2 to 3% fissionable material (U-235) in reactors, while the rest is U-238. The U-238 turns into plutonium-241 (If I paid attention to my physics lessons) which is also fissionable, but also works in bombs.

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