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    The packet style simulation was added back in 1.9, so what you're describing sounds just like correctly sized packets moving about. Transformers also send multiple packets to send as much power as they can like before too, the voltage drop system was too limited without proper current draw too.

    You can use Ejector Upgrades to move items out of machines. If you right click on a block face it will only try eject out of that side, otherwise it will try eject to any adjacent blocks it can.

    There are probably several that have been added over time which the Russian localisation hasn't kept up with (and the others) since it was last updated. You're welcome to update it, the thread for it was last updated for build 81.

    The only mode you could ever lose items on is explosive mining mode, for obvious reasons. You'd have to make a tiny addon to listen for the laser explosion event to stop it from blowing up ~45% of the drop though.

    If so, how can I more conveniently know the identifiers of blocks and objects? For example modid:item

    If you hold the item you want information about and do /ic2 currentItem it will print out the name, meta, NBT etc. You can also do F3+H to see the names for anything in your inventory, although that doesn't give you NBT or an obvious meta value.

    The IC2 jar is just a glorified zip, so you can open it with something like 7zip or WinRar. In the assets/ic2/config directory within it you have all the recipe configs which IC2 uses. To modify them you copy the ones you want out of the jar into a folder called ic2 in the config folder (which you have to make yourself). Once you've done that you can open the ini files using any text editor, and they have both explanations of the format at the top and all the recipes IC2 adds as examples below. To add a custom recipe you just add lines into that file which IC2 will use instead of the one in the jar. Any lines you remove from there will also remove the recipes from the game if you wanted that too.

    AE2 does have explicit IC2 support for power, so it would be reasonable to ask if they want to add the maceration recipe themselves in case there's any configs that might want it disabling. Otherwise I suppose we can do it in IC2 if AE2 is also installed.

    The kinetic water generator will look for obstructions in a cuboid shape, with height and width double the rotor diameter, and length six times the rotor diameter with the kinetic water generator itself in the centre. As a result if you put them so the rotors are parallel along the blades (either vertically as you found or horizontally) they can be much closer than if you put them in a line front to back.

    The idea is the turbulence from the blades reduces the energy that the water has immediately infront and behind the rotor so placing them to the sides has less of an effect, the actual numbers are a little arbitrary.

    Sorry, must have missed this question. Heavy water is part of the planned fusion reactor along with hydrogen, lithium fuel cells and the wacky electrolyser GUI, so as you worked out it doesn't do anything yet.

    Electric armour and tools aren't designed to be enchanted at all, any that you can is not intensional and your mileage will vary to how much of an effect it will have. I known thorns for example used to completely destroy electric armour when it applied the effect (and probably still does). Not carrying enchantments over when using them in crafting recipes is part of this too.

    If you want enchantments with your drill the Iridium Drill offers both silk touch and fortune III (but not at the same time of course) as well as being faster than the diamond drill (effectively a free efficiency upgrade too). If you can apply the same effects to a diamond drill then that's fine, but equally it's not designed for you to be able to do that hence you can't using the normal vanilla mechanics.

    what's that block in the 2nd slot of the 1st row of your inventory? I've never seen it.

    It's an IC2 Chunk Loader

    Suggestion Topic: Stone Dust

    Stone dust is something you get from ore washing and use for CF foam (probably that's the only use). It would be nice if compressing 4-9 stone dusts gives one block of smooth/regular stone. As some one who basically only uses CF for reinforced stone, all of my stone dust either gets thrown into a recycler or sits in a chest.

    4 stone dust compressing back into stone is a reasonable use for it, I'll add that

    Suggestion Topic: Uranium

    Right now, doing the full ore processing for uranium ultimately yields 6 uranium 238 + 1 uranium 235. It would be nice if there would more 235, and maybe even at the cost of less 238. Because now the unbalanced ratio of 1:6 causes a lot of 238 to be left over in crafting enriched fuel, and the leftovers just get thrown in a chest and forgotten about.

    As above, the imbalance is designed to work with plutonium for MOX. Depending how many normal uranium reactors you run then convert into MOX sometimes you used to end up running out of 238 instead back when it was 2:5, so it's not too badly uneven when there's the recipe that allows you to convert 20 enriched uranium back to a bit more U235 and a bit less U238 than it took to make. I suppose that recipe probably is already doing what you suggested.

    Suggestion Topic: Silver Ore

    So right now, silver is made from centrifuging gold. It would be nice if it was actually generated as ore. I'm not sure if silver ores have been suggested and rejected before, but if they have, a reason for why would be nice.

    Suggestion Topic: Electrum

    Apparently, electrum is a real alloy of gold and silver. It also naturally appears in the real world. It could be used for cables, perhaps same tier as gold and slightly less lossage, since it's a good material for wires in the real world. (citation needed) It could be generated as ore or crafted with silver and gold dust, perhaps 1+1 or 3+1 like bronze.

    There really isn't a large amount of usage of silver within IC2 besides the obvious like glass fibre cables, so there isn't a great need to increase the amount you get from adding it in an ore form. Tin is a good example where it gets generated more plentifully than it is used unless you really like tin cans. If you're in the situation where you have any other mods that need more silver, chances are they generate silver ore and their ores can be used with IC2 without any additional changes. Think of it as encouragement to use the thermal centrifuge with gold ore rather than a push to make silver any more expensive as a material (although it does work for that if you don't have extra silver generation).

    If we did ever add silver ore though I'd say electrum would be a reasonable thing to add.

    It is not the limitation of the cable but rather the tier of power a reactor can output. In 1.10.2 reactors are tier 4 (ie EV) so they can output up to EV sized packets each tick. It's been bumped up since in 1.12.2 but that was never backported. Fluid reactors have no output limit by the way, so you can always use those for very high power designs.