[IC2 Exp][1.7.10] Carbon Tech Addon

  • server start failure:

  • Can you add enchantment IDs to cfg?

    java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Duplicate enchantment id! class fox.spiteful.forbidden.enchantments.EnchantmentCluster and class com.chrislikesbirds.Enchantment.SpeedBoost Enchantment ID:66

    It does not say carbon tech in there so I had to do some research, which lead me here

  • Thanks, Sherlock, that's what I did to get the game to launch. It is not a solution to the issue however.
    This mod does not yet have configurable enchantment IDs. I suggested it should. enchantment and potion IDs have not yet moved to modID:modItem, so having configurable IDs makes the mod more pack/server friendly

  • Looks like an awesome mod, may I use this in my modpack? Also alot of the energy creation seems so OP at first glance but when I've looked into detail in crafting them, I can see why they make so much energy. At first I thought Advanced Solar Panels were more balanced but comparing the cost to your mod shows that it's not. Anyway, awesome mod, only thing I would change is how much energy anitmatter creates (it makes 128x more energy to make it) in a reactor but editing the config can solve that. The tools and armour are great and fair compared to how expensive they are.

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  • First of all: it probably kicks you off the server because of a bug.

    Because of the long inactivity, I don't think this addon is still supported, so I doubt someone's going to fix it.

    Ah ok i thought it would be some kind of mod incompatibility but ty for responding