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    Speaking of posts, you have 1,111 congrats!!
    edit: and it's on the 11th page ;P

    Yeah, still having this problem, have no clue where its coming from, but do know its not fastcraft, ran it without i simply get the same message,
    But without the 2 strings about fastcraft, but if you still think you can add a debug function so i can find what is causing it, that would be awesome.

    Starting to get more and more problems atm haha, just had to add another 2gb to the server counting up to 10gb total, cause on startup its now using 5gb.
    And within a few hours reached 8gb, while nothing has changed server-wise, and found no good tool to locate the spot, or mod that is causing this.

    You would think it are loaded chunks but nope, not that many chunks loaded, even lowered the chunk loading limit.
    But thats something all together :p.

    maybe i can help, what mods are you using?

    I'd like to include FastCraft in a modpack, however the license terms feel very restrictive, complicated and partially impossible to fulfill (like: I can't update my modpack every 3 weeks just because of FastCraft).

    Is there a way that you remove/alter some of the more strange license parts (basically everything staring from the part with the banner) or grant special permission to my modpack?

    another thing you can do is create the modpack on the Technic launcher as it is much easier than trying curse when you have FastCraft in it.

    dude stop complaining, your being a lazy person and you're trying to make it complicated and complex, if you don't like his mod and the way it works, just don't use it, got it? now go and stop being a whining baby b/c you can't or won't be able to get him to fix a bug within one second of it's creation, and the fact that you're probably going to answer this saying I don't get a thing, but you know what, I don't care, if you think player will change his license just because you wan't him to, you're wrong, you're not the creator of this mod and therefore you do not have control over it. Even if you are "suggesting a change" it sounds more like you are forcing a change and are trying to confuse us as to what the license actually says.

    well i'm really tired today, been spending the whole day since i got home trying to gt something to work, anyway another crash, doesn't happen in forge 1355 but it does happen in 1352

    idk if this has to do with ihl but ugh my day man, if i update forge to 1355 there's a fluid problem with Thermal dynamics caught by the thing they added when i try to join. also thats not all of the mods as i ran out of room :\

    new crash with the latest version, 534:

    couldn't add more so i took out what mods there were, what i can say is that i was using fast craft, 127 mods, forge 1355 for 1.7.10 and ihl errored in the loadup on post-initialization also accidentally didn't do paste as plain text (does that make the smiley faces not appear?) so there's some smiley faces.