GregTech + TerraFirmaCraft

  • We started playing in GregTech + TerraFirmaCraft on version 1.7.10 and encountered problems in recipes. Most likely we will solve using fashion to add their recipes. There will lay out your options. I hope that Greg will add them to the update.

    Мы начали играть в GregTech + TerraFirmaCraft на версии 1.7.10 и столкнулись с проблемами в рецептах. Скорее всего будем решать при помощи мода на добавление своих рецептов. Тут будем выкладывать свои варианты. Надеюсь что Грег добавит их в обновлении.

    DOWNLOAD / СКАЧАТЬ v.0.7.alpha
    - Add Jeod Quartz
    - Add Automated Bellows Addon [TFC]
    - Updated mods
    - and other fix...


    Video RUS:

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  • The first thing we did. Disabled unification of inventory in fashion GregTech.
    [Первое что мы сделали. Отключили унификацию инвентаря у мода GregTech.]


    Also in config / Unification.cfg changed all the values in a branch terrafirmacraft to true. Perhaps it is not required after disabling unification, but we left these changes.
    [Также в config/Unification.cfg поменяли все значения в ветке terrafirmacraft на true. Возможно это не требуется после отключения унификации, но мы оставили эти изменения.]

    The second step, you need to install a mod MineTweaker3. It allows you to modify recipes and dictionaries ores.
    Create a file scripts / minetweaker.zs
    [Вторым этапом, нужно установить мод MineTweaker3. Он позволяет изменять рецепты и словари руд.
    Создаём файл scripts/minetweaker.zs]

    At the moment, we have it contains the following code:
    [На данный момент у нас он содержит такой код:]

    // Bricked Bronze Hull
    [[<ore:plateBronze>, <ore:plateBronze>, <ore:plateBronze>],
    [<ore:plateBronze>, <gregtech:gt.metatool.01:12>, <ore:plateBronze>],
    [<terrafirmacraft:FireBrick>, <terrafirmacraft:FireBrick>, <terrafirmacraft:FireBrick>]]);
    // Bricked Steel Hull
    [[<ore:plateSteel>, <ore:plateSteel>, <ore:plateSteel>],
    [<ore:plateSteel>, <gregtech:gt.metatool.01:12>, <ore:plateSteel>],
    [<terrafirmacraft:FireBrick>, <terrafirmacraft:FireBrick>, <terrafirmacraft:FireBrick>]]);
    // Small Coal Boiler
    [[<ore:plateBronze>, <ore:plateBronze>, <ore:plateBronze>],
    [<ore:plateBronze>, null, <ore:plateBronze>],
    [<terrafirmacraft:FireBrick>, <ore:craftingFurnace>, <terrafirmacraft:FireBrick>]]);
    // High Pressure Coal Boiler
    [[<ore:plateSteel>, <ore:plateSteel>, <ore:plateSteel>],
    [<ore:plateSteel>, <gregtech:gt.metatool.01:12>, <ore:plateSteel>],
    [<terrafirmacraft:FireBrick>, <terrafirmacraft:FireBrick>, <terrafirmacraft:FireBrick>]]);
    // Bronze Plated Bricks
    [[<ore:plateBronze>, <ore:craftingToolHardHammer>, <ore:plateBronze>],
    [<ore:plateBronze>, <terrafirmacraft:FireBrick>, <ore:plateBronze>],
    [<ore:plateBronze>, <ore:craftingToolWrench>, <ore:plateBronze>]]);

    // Crucible in furnace
    val furnace = <ore:craftingFurnace>;

    // Torch
    recipes.remove (<minecraft:torch>);
    // Sheet in craft
    recipes.remove(<terrafirmacraft:item.Bismuth Bronze Sheet>);
    recipes.remove(<terrafirmacraft:item.Black Bronze Sheet>);
    recipes.remove(<terrafirmacraft:item.Blue Steel Sheet>);
    recipes.remove(<terrafirmacraft:item.Bronze Sheet>);
    recipes.remove(<terrafirmacraft:item.Copper Sheet>);
    recipes.remove(<terrafirmacraft:item.Wrought Iron Sheet>);
    recipes.remove(<terrafirmacraft:item.Red Steel Sheet>);
    recipes.remove(<terrafirmacraft:item.Rose Gold Sheet>);
    recipes.remove(<terrafirmacraft:item.Steel Sheet>);
    recipes.remove(<terrafirmacraft:item.Tin Sheet>);
    recipes.remove(<terrafirmacraft:item.Zinc Sheet>);
    recipes.remove(<terrafirmacraft:item.Brass Sheet>);
    recipes.remove(<terrafirmacraft:item.Gold Sheet>);
    recipes.remove(<terrafirmacraft:item.Lead Sheet>);
    recipes.remove(<terrafirmacraft:item.Nickel Sheet>);
    recipes.remove(<terrafirmacraft:item.Pig Iron Sheet>);
    recipes.remove(<terrafirmacraft:item.Platinum Sheet>);
    recipes.remove(<terrafirmacraft:item.Silver Sheet>);
    recipes.remove(<terrafirmacraft:item.Sterling Silver Sheet>);
    // Double Sheet in craft
    recipes.remove(<terrafirmacraft:item.Bismuth Bronze Double Sheet>);
    recipes.remove(<terrafirmacraft:item.Black Bronze Double Sheet>);
    recipes.remove(<terrafirmacraft:item.Blue Steel Double Sheet>);
    recipes.remove(<terrafirmacraft:item.Bronze Double Sheet>);
    recipes.remove(<terrafirmacraft:item.Copper Double Sheet>);
    recipes.remove(<terrafirmacraft:item.Wrought Iron Double Sheet>);
    recipes.remove(<terrafirmacraft:item.Red Steel Double Sheet>);
    recipes.remove(<terrafirmacraft:item.Rose Gold Double Sheet>);
    recipes.remove(<terrafirmacraft:item.Steel Double Sheet>);
    recipes.remove(<terrafirmacraft:item.Tin Double Sheet>);
    recipes.remove(<terrafirmacraft:item.Zinc Double Sheet>);
    recipes.remove(<terrafirmacraft:item.Brass Double Sheet>);
    recipes.remove(<terrafirmacraft:item.Gold Double Sheet>);
    recipes.remove(<terrafirmacraft:item.Lead Double Sheet>);
    recipes.remove(<terrafirmacraft:item.Nickel Double Sheet>);
    recipes.remove(<terrafirmacraft:item.Pig Iron Double Sheet>);
    recipes.remove(<terrafirmacraft:item.Platinum Double Sheet>);
    recipes.remove(<terrafirmacraft:item.Silver Double Sheet>);
    recipes.remove(<terrafirmacraft:item.Sterling Silver Double Sheet>);

  • Much has been done to create a generation of ores. Alpha version given in the first closed test. After fixing, will be launched next test. The following test can be accessed.
    [Проделана большая работа по созданию генерации руд. Альфа версия отдана в первый закрытый тест. После исправления ошибок, будет запущен следующий тест. На следующий тест можно будет получить доступ.]

    Generation of ore carried mod Custom Ore Generation.
    [Генерация руд осуществляется модом Custom Ore Generation.]

    Progress in the development can be found in the VK group:
    [Ход разработки можно посмотреть в группе ВК:]

    That at the moment is generated (except for the native generation of TFC):
    [Что на данный момент генерируется (кроме родной генерации TFC):]

    Rock [Порода]:
    Black Granite
    Red Granite

    Ores [Руды] (with impurities [с примесями]):

    Liquids [Жидкости]:
    Oilsands (while in solid form [пока в твёрдом виде])

    Gems [Драгоценные камни]:
    Green Sapphire


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  • Any news here? I can test oregen and maybe rework some TFC code for you.

    We have already started work on the addon. But as long as things are not going very well. Young specialist.

    What we plan to do:
    1) Create a typed ore GT type generation TFC .
    2) Capturing events replacing the ore, in order to make the texture of the rock.
    3) Add support for new ore for prospector's pick.

    If you want, you can try to write such an addon.

    First problem: Bronze blast furnace not working with TFC Coal

    Thank U! Does not really work.
    You can use a compressor, coal blocks fit. But I've already written about this error to the author.

  • Nice :) For god's sake though, update to a new version of IC2 Nuclear Control. 2.1.2a is the supported version, that older version has many bugs and ugly textures.

    Help the Official FTB Wiki reach a billion pages! [I had to keep changing it so there ^^]

    Someone should fix the gravel texture in the background. It's been years now, come on people.

  • So the ores that you are spawning can be worked and shaped in the TFC anvil and forge fire, and then be used to craft gregtech recipes? You were able to successfully bridge that gap?

  • Add v.0.6.alpha
    - Add BiblioCraft
    - Add BiblioWoods [TerraFirmaCraft]
    - Add InventoryTweaks
    - Add Malisis Doors
    - Add MineTweakerRecipeMaker
    - Add Steve`s Workshop
    - Add TFC Cellars Addon
    - Fix recipes RailCraft boilers
    - Fix recipes Malisis Doors
    - Fix recipes Steve`s Workshop
    - Add support anvils of TFC in recipes GT
    - and other fix...