5x5 Reactors in multiples of 100hU designs

  • Does anyone have a 5x5 heat reactor design with like 800hU/s, 900hU/s or 1000hU/s etc. I would greatly appreciate it! So far I'm just managing with a simple reactor setup with 768hU/s - not a lot and probably a waste of resources but then again I'm only just getting into it.

    Also it would be good for everyone to have some designs that are easy to test and manage with an exact number of LHEs managing an exact amount of heat so feel free to share your designs with everyone! :)

  • I think the best way to get exact multiples without fluctuation is to use just double and single cells without any heat exchangers and only heat vents.


    Something along these lines.


  • I guess that's kinda hard while trying to get hU output of 800 and above? Well I'm trying to go for a fully stable reactor so maybe that's the limiting factor

  • Awesome design, I will probably be using that one now.

    I don't know how to embed images :(

  • That's a nice design VirMan, but I'm looking for designs that have multiples of 100hU/t and also output that heat all the time i.e. heat exchangers can't be used sadly

  • thanks - I do not understand what you mean - i use heat exchangers there.. even upgraded to superheated steam today : The new 5x5 IC² Reactor

    my design is super stable - it has less than 3% heat fluctuation that is always there.

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  • Look at this, mark 1: 02070C0D120A110D0C0703070C0D0C0D0C0D02070C0D0C0D0C0D12070C0D0C0D0C0D0C0D0C0D0C0D0C0D0C0D140D120A110D0C0D0C0D
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