Memory leak with wind-generator rotor

  • Hi.

    I am observing a memory leak whenever the kinetic wind generator rotor is put in a kinetic wind generator and the rotor is turning.
    It is up to a few megabyte per second and thus fills up ram steadily until all ram is used up and minecraft becomes unresponsive (i had my minecraft instance use up more than 12 gigabyte because of this!).
    I first tried to remove all other mods but it did not help. then I went back to an older version of ic2 (build 545) but the issue persistet.
    As soon as I remove the rotor the issue stops.
    I am using minecraft 1.7.10, minecraft forge
    and ic2 2-2.2.653

    Can you please look into this?
    I've reported this issue here:


  • I think I may have the same problem. I play on a laptop and Minecraft just crashes for me.

  • I removed the turbine and the wind generator, but the memory leak is still happening. The plot thickens.