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    Funny story:

    I use Buildcraft and Indistrialcraft together. I noticed that geothermal generators are relatively cheap, and magma is absolutely abundant in the nether. I used the pumps from Buildcraft, along with teleport pipes, to send enormous amounts of magma/energy from the nether into the overworld.

    Fast forward at least a year, I just started playing DOOM for the first time. What I was doing is basically the plot for DOOM.

    I'm starting to think this mod can take advantage of that funny coincidence, perhaps some surprises come our way if some conditions are met that show we are farming the nether for its energy resources. MinecraftZombieman

    Just pointing out there is a forge version for 1.8 out now. I am excited to bring all of this energy delight to the new version when it is released. I am excited, all the features and all of the strategy together will be nice.

    Excellent, I look forward to working around that in the future, like it was meant to be played.

    Also, the mining items in IC2 no longer break blocks from other mods, like Buildcraft and Galacticraft. That must be from the change in how they are handled.

    I'm not sure I read the change log correctly, but is the old IC2 energy system active again? I don't want to fry wires nor blow anything up to find out.

    Edit: Wires didn't fry, so it looks like it isn't.

    Check the bt entry from the other thread.

    I will do just that. I will continue communicating through mantis on this issue. I will try to upload a video of it being reproduced, because it is reproducible.

    Put simply, as I play the game, the memory being used in the map builds up, goes down, builds up, then goes down again . . . but eventually it crawls higher and higher in usage until it finally crashes the game. I am not certain what is causing the problem, but I have tried an older version of forge and it did not stop the problem.

    You can always use NEI or CraftGuide to check recipes. Additionally all IC2 crafting recipes are in assets/ic2/config inside the jar:

    IC2:blockMachine3@5 = "UBU|UMU|UCU" M:IC2:blockMachine U:IC2:upgradeModule@3 B:OreDict:circuitBasic C:minecraft:chest@*

    IC2:upgradeModule@3 is the ejector upgrade

    Not related to this post, but would you happen to know about the wind turbine memory leak issue? It is giving me and another problems with build 654 and even previous builds, according to the other user.

    That Notch thing is actually news to me. By the sound of things, he seemed to at least warn people first, so additional updates of Minecraft weren't all said to be "experimental." I mean, have some respect for the fans that made your name significant.

    Apart from that, now I'm curious about map ports for anything we are working on now that we want to bring with us to 1.8. MCEdit doesn't play nice with Forge, and we wouldn't want to lose all these nice things we worked so hard to get.

    This situation kind of reminds me of folks that buy bunnies for Easter, then don't care to take care of them for the next ten years they are expected to live. Working up a loyal fan-base and then just walking is sort of cruel. Imagine if Notch just suddenly said "enough" and abandoned Minecraft like that, leaving no indication of what the heck happened.

    Oh, well in that case, when will the releases be named official rather than experimental? If they run the show, then it seems fitting the call that when it is the case. Uncertainty is so discomforting.

    Does Alblaka not like us anymore? It seems to have been so long since he spoke, and for that matter an official release has come out. Is he still engaged by the project he started that lit up so many eyes? Will another take his place and lead IC2 into a bright future? When even modpacks stop including us I feel like something went wrong.

    Pahimar, the mod developer of EE3, did a "Let's Mod" series on Youtube that you can refer from. Gives some good advice on what to do/not do when starting out in modding... I find it pretty helpful for at least sating your interest in the subject, lol...

    Thank you, I will look into this series.