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    I am observing a memory leak whenever the kinetic wind generator rotor is put in a kinetic wind generator and the rotor is turning.
    It is up to a few megabyte per second and thus fills up ram steadily until all ram is used up and minecraft becomes unresponsive (i had my minecraft instance use up more than 12 gigabyte because of this!).
    I first tried to remove all other mods but it did not help. then I went back to an older version of ic2 (build 545) but the issue persistet.
    As soon as I remove the rotor the issue stops.
    I am using minecraft 1.7.10, minecraft forge
    and ic2 2-2.2.653

    Can you please look into this?
    I've reported this issue here:


    Quick question: would there be any demand for power generating swimsuits?

    It is an intriguing idea. I think there might be if you do it right. For instance if you combine it with a diving helmet that can draw power from it that gives air and light (it's so dark in deep water, for instance when building under-water power farms).
    Also why not make the system a bit broader - have some machines that are intended to work alone and need lots of free water, and some that can be built closer together.
    Finally if you want the system to be sucessfull and competetive, for instance against solar power the generated power should be somewhat comparable - for instance I would assume that while a lv watermill would give less power than a low voltage solar panel (which gives 8 eu/t) in the end what you would get after a full day and night should be somewhat comparable and take a comparable amount of resources. With comparable I don't mean the same, just that it should not deviate hugely and thus keep the whole system balanced.

    Also, when it comes to swimsuits:
    I'd consider intruducing two sets. A basic one thats easier to build, and another one thats more end-game like and is more on the level of iridium armor or even the gravitation chest plat. Of course it would not work as well above ground but work better under water, so as mentioned, a helm for air and light, a chestplat for energy and protection "boots" for faster swimming....

    But before this all, please look into the current generators which are buggy and always give maximum energy.

    When the iridium drill was originally introduced in the experimental versions it had Fortune 3 which I thought nice. Hard to get but once you have it helps you mine and gives you a reason to mine manually and not use miners or quarrys.

    Apparently that attribute was dropped again.

    Fortune III may have been a bit overpowered, but why not just reduce it to Fortune II or Fortune I?

    When dealing with uranium in it's purer form in the experimental builds you get radiation poisoning and die quickly.
    I tried if some armor or protective clothing helps against it but it does not seem to.

    How to to handle uranium when feeding a nuclear reactor without dying?


    You have to find at least one iridium by luck in mining.
    Then you scan that piece in a scanner while having a pattern storage placed aside it.
    The scanner needs energy, the pattern storage does not.
    The scan result will be stored in the storage.
    Beside the storage place a replicator. Set the scan result for iridium in the replicator,
    feed energy and liquid uu matter (from a mass fabricator) to the replicator and some (long)
    time later you'll get iridium out.
    You can either get the liquid uu matter to the replicator using universal cans or more conveniently
    using pipes from buildcraft.
    (It's really expensive now, having a generator farm producing 2048 eu/t feeding 4 mass generator
    yielded me 4 iridium over night.)

    I could load the mod without issues using latest experimental (190).
    However it's not possible to build the panels because recepies are missing for Iridium and Universal Usable Amplifier.

    Maybe you could synchronize with the IC2 team what the plans are for those?
    Do you just need to wait until IC2 adds recepies for those again or is work needed on your side?

    When cheating the panels however they appear to work.

    The build compactsolars-universal-1.6.2- has been working with all the experimental builds i've been tring (does not include the one you mentioned though, but it probably also works).
    Also the current build available compactsolars-universal-1.6.2- appears to work correctly. Just try.

    Liquid uu certainly seems interesting - are there ideas on how it shall work?
    Also, I tried older versions I previously installed and even at build 111 the matter generator already had the new logic hat is for now unusable. I did not wish to go lower since without the fix for painters in that build compact wiring becomes impossible (btw: is it intended that when you build a circle in a wire that energy gets lost).

    So we'll have to wait using stuff requiring uu matter until the rework has been finished.
    Tracking the developement is adventurous :)

    So the mass fabricator has already changes in them but has not been completed and appears to be not properly usable.
    I guess i'll see if I can find a version which the non-liquid model still works. Unless someone of you knows which version?

    Anything else changed for mass fabricators? Like the mandatory need for scrap?
    In build 137 I ran through at least once to 100% and nothing I could grab came out, just the UI changed to also display some purple rectangle.

    Looks like a bug to me.

    I assume this mod is not yet working with the experimental builds?
    I get crashes when placing the lv water mill, such as:

    at ic2.core.IC2.tickEnd(
    at cpw.mods.fml.common.SingleIntervalHandler.tickEnd(
    at cpw.mods.fml.common.FMLCommonHandler.tickEnd(
    at cpw.mods.fml.common.FMLCommonHandler.onPostWorldTick(
    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.func_71190_q(
    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.func_71217_p(
    at net.minecraft.server.integrated.IntegratedServer.func_71217_p(

    Greg checked in a fix for the painter now which is available in experimental build 111. Thanx!

    I did notice that the texture of the painting marker is not perfect though (create a circle wire and painted one yellow and the yellow marking was seen again in the middle.)

    In version 47 of the experimental build painting cables works,
    in version 96 it does not.

    I have not invested the work to find out in which version the painting breaks yet, though.

    Just thought it good to be known so it can be fixed.

    Update: I tracked it down and it no longer works in build 87 and later.
    There greg checked a change in described as "Fixed Painter to use onItemUseFirst instead of onItemUse".

    Can you fix this?

    I was using experimental build 44 (been away for a week, now) and it works much better than the latest IC2_lf build (mainly fixed textures, also noticed changes in recepies).
    We only tested the basic features and did not go into much detail or advanced features yet.
    We did encouter explosions when you have circular energy lines, but thought this might be intentional and can be fixed by coloring the cables to keep them seperate.

    Have critical new bugs been introduced in later experimental builds?
    I was thinking of upgrading to a later build.

    I've tried the experimental build #44 and I did not need an extra library.
    It loaded up without an initial crash.

    Thanx so much for your continued work, this build appears to be working so far, the texture issues have been fixed apparently.

    However it happens to me repeatedly that the client crashes in certain places, something about connected textures:

    • java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: -1

    • at ic2.core.block.BlockMultiID.getTextureSubIndex(

    • at ic2.core.block.BlockMultiID.func_71895_b(

    • at ConnectedTextures.isNeighbour(

    • at ConnectedTextures.getConnectedTextureVertical(

    • at ConnectedTextures.getConnectedTexture(

    • at ConnectedTextures.getConnectedTexture(

    • at ConnectedTextures.getConnectedTextureSingle(

    • at ConnectedTextures.getConnectedTexture(

    • at net.minecraft.client.renderer.RenderBlocks.func_78598_k(

    Here the full crash:

    Maybe you can make sense of it.
    Disabling connected textures seems to fix it.