Roll back the weeding trowel

  • When this thing was first introduced, I thought it was a bug that I could no longer punch weeds away. Only recently did I realize that this worthless weeding trowel tool was added to remove weeds instead. Simply punching removes everything else, and even though one punch no longer removes weeds you can keep punching until you break the crop sticks and replace them to get the same result, so this tool seems totally stupid and should just be removed in favour of the way it used to work.

  • But don't you get weeds from using the weeding trowel? If so, maciate them into biomass and throw 'em into the fermenter for biofuel and fertilizer!

  • It's just logical to need a weeding trowel. I think they should crops infected with weeds take a lot longer to break by hand(think obsidian) or make it destroy the crop stick if you break it by hand.

    Now you see me, now you don't...