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    Hey, didn't you used to be able to pull molten fluid out of a crucible? I'm making a ton of steel to make into tungsten steel to make the implosion compressor and so I melted all the iron into wrought using the smelter and a tungstensteel drum and used a tungsten tap and measuring pot to transfer it into a crucible that is being electrically heated and maintained at just over 2060K with some spare carbon in it. It formed into steel because I can mold it out, but why can't I pull it back out with the tungsten measuring pot and dump it into the tungstensteel barrel so I can throw it into the mixer without all of the cooling time to make it into ingots then re melt it in the smelter?

    And you get lots of Chrome from Sluice Sand or was it Sluice Juice? On of the two.

    I think you mean *some*, not lots. I've been centrifuging sluice juice for most of this world ( did some centrifuging of sluice sand to get manganese before I got into acid washing, then stopped ), but I have more than a stack of blocks of manganese dust since there are so many things you can acid wash to get the stuff, but every time I have to make a ton of stainless steel, I have to go mine chromite, which gets me even more manganese too and the stuff just keeps building up. I've been getting a bunch more this last week processing tungsten to get enough of that to make the implosion compressor, but for chromium it's either the little bit from the sluice juice or chromite, and that's it. Unless you want to centrifuge redstone, but that also doesn't get you much.

    2. That is a Forge Bug and it happens in all Modpacks. It annoys the shit out of me too. If you launch a World and get thrown back to the Title Screen instead and then try again then get thrown back again and then try again and launch the world successfully then you have to kill the process afterwards.

    Wow, I didn't know you could ever get it to load up once that happened once. I thought once it screws up, trying again would just do the same until the cows come come; I always have to close the re run the game when it happens.

    And I had a suggestion Greg: In real life transformers often have multiple taps, so allow a screwdriver to set the tap of a transformer to values other than 4x. You should be able to go from LV to HV directly by using an HV transformer and screwdrivering it into 8x mode rather than using both an MV and an HV transformer.

    Oh, and am I crazy for thinking there is way too much manganese and not enough chromium in the game? You get manganese from acid washing the tungsten ores, and hematite, and chromite, but the only significant source of chromium is chromite.

    Wrong you can emit the hot coolant TO THE BOTTOM. Think 3D!

    Yes, you can wrench the center to output below, but the core below it will not ACCEPT the hot coolant. Ahh, I just checked and I only said 3x3 before, when I meant a 3x3x3.

    And Reactor Rods only work Horizontally, so you have the top and the bottom free to do whatever.

    Oh, I thought it was supposed to work 3d and I could have sworn that last time I tested it with a single core with all 4 rods in it, that adding another core on top with reflectors increased the output.

    You can pass Hot Coolant up and down too you know?

    I just updated and tested it again. A reactor core will not pass hot coolant to another reactor core. I thought I could get a 2x2 working by arranging them in a snake pattern, with each passing both hot and cold coolant to the next one by putting both the primary and secondary facing pointing the same way, so I could feed cold coolant into one reactor core via pipe, have it snake its away around all 4 cores, then come out of the core next to the input. But only the last one emits its hot coolant to the pipe back to the heat exchanger, the rest just keep building up their internal buffer. So like I said, if you try to make place a 3x3 of reactor cores, there is no way to get the hot coolant out of the center one since it is surrounded on all sides by other reactor cores.

    I got this 2x2 setup working by wrapping pipe around the side to collect the hot coolant. Notice that the 4 uranium fuel rods are centered in the inner corner of each of the 4 cores. With just the fuel, the output was 90 EU/t. I surrounded them with neutron reflectors and it went up to 181 EU/t, but was somehow unstable: it kept flickering between 0 and 181. When I replaced the reflectors with absorbers, I got a nice stable 225 EU/t.

    So why idea why it isn't stable with the reflectors, and what is the difference between reflectors and absorbers intended to be? It seems like the absorbers are just better. Also I tried slapping another layer of cores on top and inserting neutron reflectors directly above the fuel rods, and the output didn't change. Shouldn't it have? I thought I tried the above/below reflectors last time and it did seem to help, but that may have been with all 4 fuel rods in a single reactor core.

    You can pass Hot Coolant up and down too you know?

    I couldn't get them to pass hot coolant to another reactor side to side. They only seem to accept cold coolant as input.

    And is it a Bedrock Methane Vein or a regular one?

    What's the difference? It is pretty close to bedrock. All I know is that I broke a block and the white stuff started to pour out so I walled it back in and now there's a cloud of white crap on the roof of my mine.

    BTW, from my testing last week of the new reactor core, since they won't pass hot coolant to one another, that makes it impossible to make a 3x3 because there is no way to get the hot coolant out of the one in the middle.

    And I finally found one of these methane pockets underground. How do you capture the stuff again? It flowed out before I plugged it back up and now it's stuck to the ceiling of my tungsten mine.

    Can you guess why this happens? I know why, because once a Machine is shut down it doesn't DO anything, so all outputs have to be emitted BEFORE the Machine shuts down, which AGAIN boils down to USE A BIGGER PIPE!!!

    There are only two things and the pipe can take two things, so how is that not big enough? Also why is it that items won't continue to leave the machine when it stops, but fluids will? Odd.. I just ran a few more combs through and this time the output didn't get stuck at the end.

    So I have been breeding forestry bees this week and as a result I have been centrifuging a lot of combs. My centrifuge is connected to an aluminum brass item pipe going to a chest. Every time I centrifuge combs from rocky bees, and only these combs, they produce a pile of stone dust and 2 small piles of bees wax. Every time, the very last one to be centrifuged puts the output in the centrifuge, and they get stuck there instead of being piped to the chest. It is only the very last one, and it happens every time, and only with this particular comb. All outputs before the last one go into the chest, and all outputs with all other combs go into the chest, but the last one of the stone bee combs gets stuck.

    Also it seems that the lifetime of the fuel is not effected by higher neutron flux. Are you planning on adding that? If you burn the fuel faster to get more heat out of it, it shouldn't last as long should it? I would think that would be the tradeoff between neutron absorbers and refectors; reflecting will get you a lot more power for a faster burn rate, but absorbers get more power without burning the fuel faster, so more efficiency.

    I don't have sounds enabled, but it certainly lit up and wasn't making any hot coolant. I broke it and replaced it, and the first time it did NOT run until I put an auto on/off switch on it, but this time it runs all by itself. It seems that the heat exchanger does some sort of auto throttling thing the way most RF based machines do where it slows down the lower its internal buffer is maybe? It seems to work somehow even though I was sure that if you didn't give a boiler the exact amount of heat its tooltip says it wants, weird shit happened.

    I seemed to be getting a very long lasting 90 EU/t using a dense tungsten heat exchanger, boiler, and titanium turbine, and MV dynamo with 4 U-238 rods. I decided to try going for a 2x2 reactor and see what adding some reflectors or absorbers will do but I can't seem to get the things to share fluid with each other nicely. They share cold coolant via the secondary facing but they can't seem to pass hot coolant to one another so only one the directly connected to the exchanger was emptying its output tank. I tried wrapping the thing in a quad pipe connected to the heat exchanger thinking they should all just be able to accept cold coolant from the pipe when they have room, and drop the hot coolant into it to take it to the exchanger, but I can't seem to get them happy.

    Ok, so got the core to turn on with an auto on/off switch and I tried setting up the heat exchanger. Why does it not say what sides it goes in/out on in its tooltip? Only one side seems to have markers that it does something so I put it right next to the reactor core and it seemed to do both input and output and keep swapping coolant with the core. I put a boiler on top and before it could finish heating up, the core just shut down. I don't know why it doesn't want to run now; it has like 43k L of coolant in it and the heat exchanger is empty. Also I still can't figure out how to remove the fuel rods from the core.

    use the ON/OFF switch cover, my Machines NEVER accept just raw Redstone, you always have to use a Cover, except for Crucible Molds.

    Ahh, of course.. I should have thought of that.

    As for Heat Exchanger, try using it before you complain about needing "full tilt" which it very much doesn't.

    How so? If you aren't producing enough hot coolant to satisfy the exchanger, it will shut down at least until it gets enough. And when the heat exchanger is flickering on and off, the boiler output will be fluctuating all over and so the turbine won't run right.

    And you can place multiple Reactor Cores adjacent to each other so you get a 2x4 or a 4x4 Slot thing, or larger.

    Oh good. Is there a way to automatically replace the fuel rods?

    So I filled it with coolant and 4 U-238 rods by right clicking since it seems to have no GUI, and it doesn't seem to do anything. No coolant is consumed or hot coolant generated no matter which way I flip the lever. Also I can't seem to remove the fuel rods.

    Since there are only 4 slots for fuel rods, can you stack them into a multi-block or something? Seems pretty limited otherwise. Also didn't you say that you can't store hot coolant because it is considered to be a power transfer fluid? Then how the hell are you supposed to use it to generate power? You know, since boilers and turbines kind of insist on the exact right amount of input heat to function, that kind of requires you to buffer up some hot coolant so you can run the heat exchanger full tilt for at least a while before shutting it off to rebuild your hot coolant buffer. Either that or you make more heat than the exchanger consumes, in which case, the hot coolant will back up and the reactor will overheat and explode? Or will it auto shutdown rather than overheat and explode?