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    You do have to not overdrive the machine, but the saw's max is 64, so that should have worked. I normally prefer to use dense invar boilers for the 100% efficiency once I'm past the first bronze ones but I have used steel in the past when invar was in short supply. Did you forget to give it water?

    Hey Greg, did ferrovanadium ore get removed when magnetite was? Is black sand the only source of vanadium, so I should be sure to centrifuge it instead of magnetic separating it, since it looks like some day I will need vanadium-gallium wires?

    Can I (and how) store steam in a tank (for example small invar tank made out of main valve and wall) ?

    It says it can handle gasses, but when i connect a pipe with steam to the tank i hear a hissing noise as if the steam leaks out somewhere.

    Obviously I'm loosing the steam. But why? Am I missing something? Does it even make sense to store the steam? I thought I'd use it like a buffer for my machines.

    Nope. You just have to produce the right amount of steam to drive the machine you want. The tooltip says can not store power conductor fluids, which means steam.

    There is a Tungsten Tap for that.

    And yes Pipes get that Bonus, while Tanks dont. This is intended so you can still transfer Stuff but dont get the dumb Idea to store Stuff youre not supposed to store in the first place.

    There's a tungsten drum too, but you can use less tungsten to make one of tungstensteel instead. Would make sense to do the same for a tap. I thought it felt a little cheeky to store lava in a drum, but it sure was nice to be able to stick it on top of a basin on a hopper and let it auto pour lava into obsidian. I was hoping to fill a drum with invar from the mixer, then move the drum to the input side and make stainless, then just transfer the drum of stainles to the mold like I did with the lava, but alas.. on the other hand I can still do that as long as I use a tungstensteel drum.

    Oh wait, I think I remember now: a retriever will reach through the pipe to a far away machine that normally will not push into the pipe and pull things from the machine into the pipe, to itself, and then inject them into the machine it is attached to, right?

    So if machine A doesn't auto output into the pipe, you can put a conveyor on that machine to get items into the pipe, then let the pipe take them to machine B, or instead you can put a retriever on machine B and it will pull the items from machine A, and possibly several other machines connected to the same pipe. Right?

    Do you remember Retrievers from GT5 and Redpower? It's that in Cover Form.

    No; I never played GT5, but that sounds just like retrievers from COFH. My understanding of conveyor belts is that you slap one on a pipe and it will suck items out of the thing the pipe is connected to ( just like the retrievers from COFH ). How is that different from this new thing, except for the filter aspect? Though actually iirc, the COFH retrievers could be filtered too.


    [ADDED] Item Retriever Cover. Similar to the Item Filter Cover it can only Filter for 1 Item (or Filter for all but 1 Item). Though you can just not Filter at all and make it take all Items stack by stack. It can only be placed on Item Pipes, and will pull Items from Inventories connected to the Pipe Network.

    So it's a conveyor belt that can be filtered? Does it have different speed tiers like the conveyor belt?

    So in my last world I did somehow manage to to make an iridium crucible from aqua regia processing nickel ore from sluicing garnierite. I tried looking for a nickel vein last night in the nether with no luck, so I Just checked the math again and it looks like you need 384 garnierite ore ( before crushing ) to get ONE iridium. How the hell did I do this before? Did I really mine over 2000 garnierite? I guess I did have several veins of the stuff near my base but DAMN. I have found two veins of the stuff but one seems to be right next to the ocean and flooded by sea water. I'm 7 months into this world now and got a smelter the other night and would really like to finally get some batteries but holy crap; I don't think I even could get 2000 garnierite out of the one non flooded vein I have found. I have found a GT dungeon, and two or maybe even 3 chromite veins, but no sheldonite, osmium, platinum, or ruthenium.

    What other ores spwn in veins with those that maybe I have found a rock and didn't realize indicated their presence? I just remembered the last time I actually got at least half of the iridium from dungeon loot thanks to ic2exp. And of course now I thought that the entire area around my base was all tetra and the blue fertilizer shit from forestry, but I just picked up a sperrylite rock right outside my base on the way back from a BIG walkabout looking at rocks and realized that not only does some real platinum probably spawn in one of those veins, but also the sperrylite itself can be acid washed for platinum group sludge. Excuse me while I go a digging!

    Still, typically acid washing ore gives half a unit of byproduct metal, but you only get 1.5 tiny units of refined platinum group sludge, and even a whole refined platinum group sludge only contains a total of only about 1/3rd of a unit of metal, of which only 1/6th is iridium. So you still need to acid wash 656 purified sperrylite for a crystallization crucible, so you still need to mine over 5 stacks of the stuff. That's a bit of a kick in the nuts, but I guess it's doable. At least I hope I can get that much out of this vein. It's in black granite with a bunch of lava around. Going to need a few carborundum picks at least.

    Unsure why, but its meant for molten Stuff and carbon aint molten, that's why Crucible.

    If there is a molten version, sure, but it kind of sucks that once you get the smelter you can mixer up a bunch of alloys nice and easy, but because carbon has no molten form, anything that alloys with that you have to go back to standing over crucible simulator 2019. It would be really nice if you could fully retire the crucible once you finally get to tungsten and make a smelter. I mean, the carbon does't melt in the crucible either; the other molten metal just dissolves it. Why can't that happen in a mixer?

    The capacity isn't a little Crazy, it is actually quite low considering how everything produces and consumes more Power overall.

    I assume here you mean as compared to IC2? Yea, GT uses a lot more power, which is why it makes sense for lead acid gt lv batteries to hold 64k compared to IC2's 10k, but going from 64k to 128k and then jumping all the way to 2/4 million is a little nuts. I mean, a normal ( not even large ) EV battery box in GT6 with lithium manganese batteries holds 1 BILLION EU. That makes IC2s MSFU at 4 million look like a kids's toy. I mean, even the big multiblock gas turbine driving the multiblock dynamo will take 4.5 hours to charge that sucker up. I don't even want to think about how long it would take for even a half dozen IC2 nuclear reactors to charge it. And there's just such a huge chasm between the capacity of the first 3 battery types and the last two, it just seems off.

    Now that not one but two lithium batteries have been reintroduced, did you go a little crazy on their capacity Greg? I mean at the LV level, we go from the next lower two types at 128k to 2 and 4 million for the lithium types. Isn't that a little... insane? Shouldn't it be 256k and 512k? Or maybe 512k and 1M? And if you can make the first lithium battery, the second doesn't seem any harder, so it seems like the only two batteries you ever need to make are lead acid where you just need a small buffer, and lithium manganese for the big storage. Forget alkaline and nicad; what's the point?

    Well, I cant fix it without breaking anyone's Setups now, so its gonna stay like this. I never intended it to be used for precision turbine -> dynamo -> transformer at all anyways. I always intended some form of Buffer Battery Box in such a Setup.

    Theoretically yes, but practically, would it really break anyone's setup? The only things I can think of that would break are:

    1. Solar flowers
    2. Running a single battery bat box into a transformer to send only 1 amp bumped up to higher voltage down a long wire to reduce loss
    3. My dual MV dynamo setup, which really *should* be broken, and fixing it is pretty easy: add 1 more wire or strip the insulation to get 1 more EU loss.

    Are these really setups in common use? Is there some other setup in common use despite the fact that it *shouldn't* work that I can't think of? The solar case could probably be fixed in a different way that would still make all other cases work right, similar to how you have the check that if the minimum input is <= 8, then it's actually switched to 1.

    I put an electrometer on the wire between the MV dynamo and the LV-MV step up transformer, and it reads 65 EU. So the dynamo makes 66 as I calculated, and 1 is lost in the wire so the transformer should see 65 in doInject() and go into overload, but for some reason it doesn't. I even tried eliminating the wire and just attaching the transformer directly to the dynamo and it still doesn't overload.

    I think I found the error. It's in TileEntityBase11Bidirectional::readEnergyConverter():


    tEnergyIN = new TE_Behavior_Energy_Stats(this, aNBT, mEnergyOUT.mType, mStorage, mEnergyOUT.mMin <= 8 ? 1 : mEnergyOUT.mMin, mEnergyIN.mRec, Math.max(mEnergyIN.mRec, mEnergyOUT.mMax*tMultiplier)),

    tEnergyIN is supposed to be taken from the normal output values in reverse mode, and the minimum is, but the mRec is taken from the normal output voltage ( so 128 ), and the max is either the normal input mRec ( 128 ) or the normal output max ( 64 ), whichever is greater, so it ends up being 128. So an LV-MV step up transformer can actually accept 128 volt input packets. Which means you can actually hook it up to an MV battery box and it will give you that single amp 256 volt packet I was wanting before, and you don't even have to limit the input to 2 amps! Woot!

    So basically going by the tool tips you should have to use an MV-HV transformer from a 2 amp limited MV battery box to get a single amp at 256 volts, but due to a pair of oddities in this TileEntityBase11Bidirectional::readEnergyConverter() function, you instead have to use an LV-MV transformer.