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    The smelter can turn solids into molten fluids. The mixer can turn most molten fluids into molten alloys, which you can then output into a mold to turn back into items ( ingots/plates/etc ). The problem points are steel and carborundum, because those involve carbon, and the smelter can not melt carbon into molten fluid, so you can't mix it to make carbon containing alloys; i.e. steel and carborundum.

    Oh, and why is a wrench not one of the tools in the multi-tool? That is the most commonly used tool, with the wire cutter and screwdriver after that. The scissors, file, saw, and knife are used much less, especially in world ( as opposed to in a crafting table ). In fact, I don't think I have ever used a file, saw, or knife in world. Well I guess I used a knife early on for cutting grass, but I can't see using a multi-tool for that. Because of this I have never seen the use in making a multi-tool. Especially since most of those tools that are really only used in a crafting table are often used in conjunction with another one, so you may as well just keep the normal tools in your crafting workbench and use each as needed rather than make a multi-tool.

    I've been using a very lazy solution for a rather long time - basically put 10 carbon in a crucible, and then put 500 iron in the hopper above crucible. And then just point myself at the single mold and put something heavy on the right mouse button :).

    Even though now I have a somewhat universal auto-smelter, sometimes it takes wrong amounts of materials, and I still don't know exactly why. The funniest part is that I have to use an Excel document to calculate the values for hoppers and thermo-sensors

    That won't work because the iron will come out as soon as it melts before it becomes steel.

    By the way Greg, the other thing you still need a crucible for is carborundum... no mixer recipe for that either. You going to put that into the blast furnace some day too?

    Uh you can definitely get hoppers to only drop one load, just play around with all the tools that the hopper claims to work on it.

    The tools let you set how many items it should output at once. I set them to 5 and 1, but when they get the redstone negative pulse, twice that number is dropped. Despite that, the crucible has room for two batches at once, so I did get this monster working:

    Once the temperature hits 2050, the redstone signal activates the faucet to transfer the molten steel to a secondary crucible on an electric heater with a sensor set to keep it just above 2050, while a mold auto pours. The same signal goes through a 4 tick delay repeater then into a pulse former with the subtractor driving a solid block with a redstone torch on it to act as an inverter, which then is wired up to the hoppers.

    Well that didn't work. I set the hoppers to only output 5 iron dust, 5 tiny iron dust, and 1 tiny carbon dust into a center hopper then into the crucible. I used a pulse former going into a solid block with a redstone torch to invert the signal then into the hoppers so they should have only been able to dispense for a single tick, but they appear to have dumped 3 loads into the crucible instead of only 1.

    Uhhm I came up with Steel automation before the Steel Recipe was even released.

    How? I'm trying to play around now with 4 hoppers, a temperature sensor, a pulse former, and red alloy wire. I need to invert the signal though before going to the hoppers, and you did add the ability to stick a redstone torch on as a cover to red alloy wire, but how does it work? I must not understand it because I can't get it to act as an inverter. Or it kind of does in that it lights up when the wire is OFF, but I can't connect another wire to the torch to pick up the inverted signal.

    Do you happen to have this at the point where two rock layers meet each other? there is a spawning condition for "inbetween two specific layers" which can overlap with other ore veins.

    Could you be more specific about this "inbetween two specific layers"? I've dug out some more and gone down deeper and while it is all in limestone, it appears that the limonite/malechite/azurite is just above a good layer where the tungsten ores are, with some mixture of the two in between.

    Yeah thsoe seem to be two different ones, you sure you dont just have two ore layers instead of only one?

    I have yet to detect any sort of border between them. It's all in limestone and I just keep expanding the rectangular room in all directions and I seem to find a tungsten ore scattered here and there with the other ores all over. Unless the separation is vertical and there are 2-3 blocks where they overlap? I haven't tried digging down much yet. Can that happen with the new layer ore gen system? I guess I'm still used to the old ore gen where once you found a vein, you just mined out until you found the edges of it and only that ore with one or two sub ores were there.

    1 Redstone TIck = 2 Game Ticks, people often confuse that.

    Yea, so? Who in this picture *isn't* using redstone ticks?

    By the way, I am very confused by my tungsten vein. I just went digging for some more tungsten and I got 11 huebnerite, 8 ferberite, 12 scheelite, 13 tungstate, 10 wolframite... and 82 malechite, 116 yellow limonite, and 40 azurite ore. Why is there so little of the tungsten family of ores mixed in with so much malechite and yellow linonite? Aren't those from two different ore families?