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    Can't really change that

    The best way to handle it would be just selecting part of the text in the post and hitting "Insert quote" or "Save quote" if you want to preselect a lot instead of manually splitting up the quote

    How about reporting the bug to whoever makes this new forum? It should *not* be rearranging the html tags that I carefully and correctly place. This trick seems to work well though.

    I frequently use inline replies, so I take someone's quote, close the quote midway through, write my reply, then reopen the quote, then add another reply after the second part of their quote. This new form code insists on picking up my carefully placed quote tags and moving them around, causing either my reply to become part of the quote, or part of the quote to become part of my reply.

    If you do it right you only get explosions during startup/shutdown. You need to keep hot coolant feeding into two fully populated heat exchangers per boiler for 200 hu/t, and set them to 221 bars of pressure and 1 mb/t.

    You know you get more EU for your HU using steam turbines instead of stirlings right? I just run a single quad fuel rod surrounded by 4 neutron reflectors and get 840 HU/t. 4 superheated steam boilers consume 800 and the two turbine/kinetic generator pairs put out a combined 600 EU/t. It is cycled on and off based on cold coolant tank level. Tanks and pipes are from enderio.

    Umm... the actual output of a generator should not change its voltage level should it? Each machine has a stated voltage tier in its tool tip and that is fixed. One transformer might not be able to accept all of the power, but it should not explode due to excessive voltage. Multiple transformers should be able to combine to take the extra eu/t. I have been running multiple 128v transformers feeding a 128v line more than 128 eu/t and it's working without any explosions, and the t1 machines only have one transformer upgrade in them.

    Oh... I thought I asked more or less this same thing a few weeks ago and was told that the only reason to add more insulation is to reduce chance of shocks, not loss, so I didn't bother going above 1x for most of my run up to my windmill farm. For that matter, I don't seem to be able to detect any losses at all, anywhere.

    I have a LV transformer producing 32v power to run my illuminators and with 8 of them going, it is outputting 2 eu/t, which is what they should consume without any losses. I have quite a bit of copper cable around my base to get the power to the illuminators which should be suffering significant losses running only 32v. I also have a 3x hv cable running from my advanced generators turbine to my MFSU, and while it is only maybe 8 blocks long, it shows the exact same energy in at the input side as out at the MFSU ( though oddly it is not quite as much at the turbine output as it should be ).

    I also noticed that it only draws 32 eu/t and does so at only 32v. It should probably be bumped up to tier 2 power even if it can't draw more than 32 eu/t.

    So you have to attach the new IC2 tank blocks to the sides? I tried an enderIO tank to pull out the 13mb of fluid showing in the output slots, but it didn't work. What are the other 3 output slots for?

    It looks like the electrolyzer has had an overhaul and isn't working. It no longer seems to accept cells of any kind, or any other items. Instead it seems to have one input fluid slot and 5 output fluid slots, and I was able to pipe in water to the input slot, and it placed a few mb of hydrogen and oxygen fluid into two of the five output slots ( broken textures too ), then stopped. There I can't find a way to get these fluids out, and it won't make any more than something like 12 mb. In addition, it has 4 upgrade slots, but the only upgrade it can accept is an item ejector, which makes no sense since no items can go into the machine. What gives?

    Oh great Chocohead, now that it only teleports if the destination is OFF, that means that you can break Teleporters now, because if the Teleporter is in an unloaded Chunk and used a Button or Pressure Plate to activate itself, it won't ever deactivate, meaning you cannot teleport back AT ALL.

    This means, you either need a "huge" Redstone Circuit to wire those things OR that you need two Sets of Teleporters per destination...

    Ahh, right... them getting stuck on due to chunk unloading was the underlying cause of the ping-pong. The proper fix is for them to refuse to teleport you for 5 seconds after arriving via teleportation.