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    You need to pray to RNGesus more often I guess. Newly planted ones will randomly have Resin Holes just like Wild ones will randomly have Resin Holes.

    They have a Sapling Chance that is so low that it averages on 1 sapling drop per Tree, ofcourse averaging means 0 and 2 can happen just like 5 could happen.

    Also you are NOT allowed to shear leaves off the Trees, because then the Resin Holes will stop working entirely, even if you plaster the Leaves back onto the Tree.

    So it's just bad luck so far? OK. I only sheared the wild one I found that didn't already have a resin hole, and I chopped down another one or two that didn't and got no sapplings.

    Why would anyone want to use sulfuric acid + sugar to make carbon? At first I thought that it would be easier to get to than using an electrolyzer since making a dynamo and electrolyzer require a stainless steel bathing pot to galvanize the steel, and bronze mixers used to only take bronze to make iirc, but it seems they now also require stainless steel plates. It seems easier to make a stainless steel bathing pot then dynamo and electrolyzer than to make 3 bronze mixers to make the acid, a roaster to get the sulfur dioxide, and the squeezer and dryer to refine the sugar. And after getting it set up, it is easier to feed the electrolyzer some charcoal than to farm tons of reeds.

    No better way afaik, Black Sand + Centrifuge seems like easy enough to pull off.

    Easy yes, but volume is low given that you need 9 VPO to get one vanadium, and you only have a 10% chance of getting one from black sand, which itself isn't as common as magnetite used to be.

    Also this sucks: you now require a T2 buzzsaw to cut a diamond into diamond plates, which requires aluminum which these days means you can't go that route before you are well into the electrical age, so you pretty much have to find a flawless or better diamond to make your first shredder.

    Oh the Ashes Tooltip needs to be fixed I guess. Yeah no more Carbon from Ashes anymore. Also I just checked, Ashes dont have the Carbon Tooltip anymore since ages, so where do you get that from?

    *Dark* ashes. The normal ashes I get nerfing; that made getting carbon way too easy. But dark ashes say they are C2 chemically, and you can use them to reduce iron... yet centrifuging them just gives normal, useless ashes.

    I've been trying to figure out how to get to proper carbon/steel production since that nerf and was leaning towards making an LV dynamo and electrolyzer, and using the tiny amounts of graphite I've found to make the steel needed for that, but then it has to be galvanized, and that requires a stainless steel bathing pot, so I think that's out. So I guess it's keep making bronze until I can build 3 mixers to make sulfuric acid from the roasting oven I will use my small amount of graphite to produce the steel for, and go the sugar+acid route.

    Why do dark ashes centrifuge into two piles of normal ashes rather than carbon? I get not having a renewable way ( charcoal or sugar ) to make carbon without some investment ( and it appears the easier way is sugar since it doesn't strictly require stainless steel the way the electrolyzer does ), and I get not being able to directly use dark ashes to make steel, but why not being able to centrifuge some carbon out of dark ashes? Especially since the tooltip says it is C2.

    Oh the Youtube thing is the most recent addition to the whole ordeal, before Youtube entered the fray about a month ago this was really threatening everyone, go back to the older Blog Posts to see how bad it has become.

    Argh... no.. I'm talking about the "letter to MEPs from big film industry associations and sports leagues" that the article leads off with. The rights holder's say they don't like this because it somehow gives youtube et al more protection than they have now, and forces the rights holders to have to pay attention and notice when their works make it past content-id. I can't make any sense out of that.

    Oh it is worse, even a single missed copyright breach would cost them tons of money, imagine that for the millions of uploads a day that Youtube has, because Content ID doesn't work THAT well and also often fails at Fair Use. Even worse is that not just Youtube but EVERY SINGLE SOCIAL MEDIA SITE including small things like personal Forums like this one, would have to implement that and would still get fines to pay if copyrighted content got leaked to a European Country by their Users or even Spammers.

    To make it short, the entire Free Speech Part of the Internet would basically be deleted WORLDWIDE if that Law comes to be, or Websites just start to Geoblock Europe as a whole, which HOWEVER was illegalized a few weeks ago (unsure if that Anti-Geoblocking only counts for Online Shops though).

    P.S. Its about 2 Months left before it happens, if it is not stopped.

    I read the actual text of the letter from the trade association linked to from that article and they appear to be arguing the opposite; they claim that this would give youtube more protection than it has now, and that is why they are against it. This confused me because they seem to be saying that right now, youtube is financially responsible for infringing content, but if this is enacted, they won't be as long as they try to avoid it with content-id, and take it down when notified.

    Even the Media Industry doesn't wanna have anything to do with Article 13!

    Let me see if I understand these assholes correctly. The law would require youtube to run content-id to auto block copyrighted content, but when it misses some, it is up to the copyright holder to notice and demand that they take it down, and they are bitching about that?

    Unsure if that is fully the case.

    If what is the case? The overlap, or the fact that you now can't make a crusher ( well, the engine to power it ) until after making a roll bender? I'm pretty sure that you can and should put back the 1 bar large anvil -> small spring recipe. Or if not, then put it back to the small bending cylinder.

    Zirconium wasn't supposed to be that abundant. That is the reason. Because you got shitloads of that Stuff originally.

    True; it is rather abundant.

    you need 6 bits for all 6 sides, you forget that you can place more than 1 bars block into one place. What if you have 4 bars inside a single Block?

    Nevermind... I'm a dingdong.