A couple simple questions

  • 1) Alright, thanks.

    2) That's a bit annoying. Honestly I'm could care less about the energy output, I just want to process the uranium -> plutonium -> MOX -> RTG pellets and the 50% output also seems to mean it takes 2x as long.

  • the exact maths isnt know to me but it seems to be around 2-3x more heat at 70% coretemp than at 0%. someone with knowledge of the code might nip in and lay it out in numbers i hope.

    At 100% heat it would produce 5x more energy, and it scales down from that.

    the 50% output also seems to mean it takes 2x as long

    Uranium fuel life has been doubled a few months ago, so it might just be you seeing that, as it's just as fast in fluid mode.

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