Minetweaker and ic2

  • As the ids for minecraft 1.7.10 loud at ic2?
    Is there a list? Where can I find it?

    How can I address the IC2 at Minetweaker you for such a prescription away?

    In Minetweaker wiki I find nothing.

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    Now this was a fun reading comprehension.

    With Minecraft 1.7, IDs have been removed, so there isn't a list of ones that IC2 uses.
    Instead, it works that each block/item has a name, meaning with Minetweaker a macerator would be <IC2:blockMachine:3>.
    In order to see the name of an item, you can hold it in your hand and type /mt hand in the chat, which will tell you it's name.
    The Minetweaker wiki tells you all this (pretty much) - http://minetweaker3.powerofbyt…age#Tutorials_.281.7.X.29

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