[Addon v1.23][SSP] CustomNuclearItems v1.1.0

  • Since authors have forgotten to it, i have taken the liberty of updating these plugins to IC 1.23.
    Havent changed anything, just recompiled for latest version of IC.

    CustomNuclearItems and IridiumPack of course.

    Oh, just btw, if someone is equally lazy as me and doesn't ever read Readme.txt,
    i haved also attached current recipe for iriduim heat converter.

    Haven't done any extensive testing, should work fine however.
    Just drop into mods folder.

  • indeed I'm a bit late with updating :/ thanks for the update (mind to share the code with me, I had an accident and my backup's are gone :s stupid mcp)
    I also think of creating a bit of an extra functionality once bc3.x.x is semi stable (or if requested bc2.5.0) for extra cooling functionality)
    but for this weekend I should have enough spare time to implement/test some of the code (also as you would have seen my code isn't really best practice code)
    EDIT: never mind found another backup (partly graded)

    English -> not my lang, so sorry for the mistakes. (can be the dyslexia too :/)

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  • Oh hey, back again! it has been quite a while since we last spoke.
    I have high hopes that now since we have reached final release status that in some time the modding and updates will stabilize and there may be a longer time span between stable versions of mods!