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    You should construct a level, bidirectional railway/pipeline with all of the pipes/cables from all of the mods you are using, 1 000 blocks in length
    At the end of which you must either mine or craft a 3x3 chunks (or larger) level platform where you shall begin construction of your internally propelled spacecraft ...
    (details to follow once you post pics of the railway/pipeline)

    P.S. Yeah I'm back from my two year hiatus from this forum, I've got a lot of catching up to do!

    Relevant: xkcd
    Oh and hello guys!
    I haven't been on this forum for the greater part of a year now.
    Its almost nostalgic to be here.

    Oh, I managed to do this while testing the blast resistence of forcefields (addon) back in the 1.7.3 version XD
    In fact I even blew two holes right through the bedrock layer (about 8-10 blocks of bedrock) and into the void below.
    Sadly I have since lost the screenshots and long since deleted the world so there is no actual proof of this... :(

    Personally I havn't actually done anything in the new agriculture system however I will say that it sounds interesting, I also agree that the random thing as with all such features is all part of the fun and people will slowly correlate knowledge about certain things through trial and error, however just decompiling the code and making sense of it just spoils the fun for everyone who doesn't just want the best possible methods handed to them (which is not playing the game at all).
    Apart from that I think that you, Alblaka had way too much fun writing the guide (for farming) and I had fun reading it.

    Oh hey, back again! it has been quite a while since we last spoke.
    I have high hopes that now since we have reached final release status that in some time the modding and updates will stabilize and there may be a longer time span between stable versions of mods!

    Wow Epic Adv Generators!

    Please make sure that this is compatible with "Rocket science" possibly you two could collaborate with magnets/superconductors
    anyways cool stuff and btw fro you guys who cant count the Void generator is 2048 every 10 seconds aka 2048/200 ~10 EU/t
    still great as a fully maintenance free source of power

    Keep up the great work man!

    Note: 3 layers of RSTone is the theoretical maximum to absorb any explosion. For most (exspecially Mark I) reactors 1 layers is fully sufficient.

    Sorry, but WRONG
    I have blown a hole through 4 layers of Re stone granted then the explosion did not even have enough force to break dirt but 4 layers got blown through
    (reactor blast max set at 240)

    Hello Modders and modusers alike,
    it has come to my attention that A great thing has happened in the minecraft modding community:
    MinecraftForge! A mod API which lets multiple mods use the same things without conflict.
    and from this has spawned a great progress of multimod intercompatability. Most noteably some of the Mods of greatest renown, Usefullness, and Awesomeness*:
    Redpower2, EquivalentExchange, Buildcraft and Industrialcraft (2)
    Because of the many aspects, versatility and areas of use for these mods they are well liked and other authors have Made many plugins and Addons to these mods (some for both), however in the interest of the

    sprirt of the base Forge ideal, I would like to bring to attention and stress that some of these mod addons are not compatible with eachother!
    (I will only be covering addons which add more than one block/forfill more than one purpose to aviod needless complexity)

    My suggestions are:
    1. Keep tabs on used block IDs
    2. Agree on IDs to be used/reserved/adjust your IDs to make them fit
    3. Collaborate on addons which forfill the same/similar function (Exs. IC2 EU to BC "MJ" conversion mods)
    4. make your IDs Cohesive (if your IDs are 111, 234, 126 change them to 111,112,113)

    The blocks, as they are now:
    As most of the people reading this post should know, there is -beause of the way minecraft is coded- a maximum of 256 block IDs that can be used (0-255)
    Notch has already used 110 of these IDs 0-109 , I think that if it was required optimizations could be made (use dmg values on stairs, stone types, dirt/sand/gravel, ores and oreblocks)
    As these are plugins they should of course be compatible with their base mods! Albalaka (and the rest of the IC2 team) have done an amazing job stuffing over 60 useable blocks into just 30 block IDs
    Space toad has done a good job, giving us 29 new blocks to play with and near endless possiblilties with his most nifty mechanics, to do this he uses a mere 22 block IDs
    Eloramm is the fine modder who Pioneered the Dmg-Value-containing-several-blocks Method of coding (I think) and first used it to reduce the insane amount of IDs used to store her amazing Redstone Logic-circuit Components. Armed with this Knowlage She has added an astounding 721 blocks!
    Yes 721 functional Blocks** with a miniscule 15 Block ID useage in Her still In development RP2.
    Finally a much disputed mod, seen as Awesome by some, Belittled as a form of Hacking by others: Equivalent Exchange it adds most of all recipes (over 200 recipebook pages worth) but also some blocks which take up 9 block IDs (173 and 175 arent yet used) and for some Minecrafters is invaluable for its famed ability to allow you to turn dirt into diamonds (Literally)
    after we subtract these (76) from our remaining 150 block IDs we have 74 block IDs with which we may do as we please (I may list other mods block usages at a later date)
    so here we have our block ID list: (List contains some plugins which I have deemed useful/good which forfill more than a single function)

    0-109 NotchBlocks
    IDK why some blocks haven't been used, we best reserve them (1.9pre blocks anyone?)

    124-125 Minefactory

    129-130 Minefactory

    116-130*** Redpower 2

    145-167 Buildcraft

    170-181 EquivalentExchange

    190 Powerconverters (Powercrystals)

    197 Forestry (conflicting IDs 199-205)
    199 Advanced Machines (zippinus)
    201-205 RocketScience
    208 Forestry

    220-250 IC2

    252 Railcraft
    255 Minefactory Railcraft (limit)

    as you can already see, there are some conflicts between certain addons which is why I wrote this post in the first place.
    basically I want to map out which mods are popular, what IDs they use and get smaller modders and authors of plugins to work around this the main combo we will be aiming for is for IC2, BC, RP2 and
    associated plugins to be 100% compatable

    *My opinion of Awesome, if you know of something Awesome which fits in this catagory, then send me a link and ill look at it
    ** Note: most of these are aethestic microblocks copypasted with different textures I.E. Cobblestone, Plank, Netherack and Dirt Pillar, windowsill, Slab and cover type blocks but still cool.
    *** Note: Redpower has a "Autoavoid conflicting IDs" line of code which will assign the IDs to any free slots apon loading and since the mod is loaded quite late (R) conflicts will most likely be avoided.

    Drop a link of any other major addons/plugins

    EDIT: added some mods

    My paltry contribution: http://www.talonfiremage.pwp.b…10101001511f21s1r14lflr10
    the same stats as your own, diffrent pattern
    Dezuman has made a design with more cooling and 80EU/t but I am unable to find it
    you are best off making two 2 chamber reactors and having them both run at the same time (you can make a 3 row (35 eu/t) two chamber as Mark I twice for a total of 70 EU/t average output, the best Mark III two chamber that I have come across has an average output of 51 EU/t)