How to get nuclear control to work with 5x5s?

  • The block just shows grey when I stick it on the fluid casing, I can't very well put it inside the casing so it's close enough either.

  • You will have to use the remote version of the controller thingy (don't remembee the name).

    you mean the remote thermal monitor, this image may help

    what i am showing here is part one of my experiment in progressive heat monitoring to get this thing to work with only nuclear control is simple,

    in your nuclear control tab if you are in creative you will see a reactor sensor kit; select this and click on your 5x5 reactor with it now having done that go to your remote thermal monitor and open up the GUI by i think it is left click, when the GUI opens you will see a screen with slots to the right of the GUI put the reactor card you get in this slot. Now depending on the distance to your reactor you may need to install some range upgrades i belive that the distance without the range upgrade is about 8 blocks

    regards V497 Vesper

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