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    Hey guys, I have been offline for a while and I have forgotten how to make an efficient 5X5X5 Reactor, I would like to get back into it so any help will be appreciated, I would like to make an efficient liquid cooled nuclear reactor for my base. I am back using Minecraft 1.7.10

    how do i use this mod effectively? I have an idea and would like to know how to use this mod i am thinking of making a base with this mod for my moon base idea never mind, i read this thread on another computer and saw the link to the mod spotlight , for some odd reason i couldn't see the link to the video

    Disappearing reactor with you too? The same thing happened to me a few times on my world so I rebuilt the reactor again and it hasn't happened again since then

    I would really love it if the mods i use can be made into a modpack and updated but unfortunately i have no idea how to make a mod pack and i'd need permissions form over 100 mod authors to make this modpack the main ones i want to work would be IC2, IC2Nuclear Control, Buildcraft, Quarry plus, Project red, Galacticraft, galacticraft planets, 4planet, Tinkers Construct, Applied energistics, thermal expansion, Computercraft, chisel 2, Modular force fields and a few others, you see when I actually get this to work I want to be able to build and play a futuristic Modded Minecraft roleplay/let's play series so that basically means all the futuresque mods of minecraft like Galacticraft etc and the indsutrial mods with automated building stuff like Buildcraft and to a degree industrialcraft now i knowe IC2 has some things that you'd see in the future like building lasers and the quantum suit and the mining laser and i'd like to see it work,
    Basically i like the techie mods that bring new technology into Minecraft because i have a semi-technical mindset and would love to learn how to use all of these mods WITHOUT my minecraft crashing, whenever i see a minecraft crash report I do swear a lot and I always say "Really?" before completely clearing uout my mods folder and adding the mods back one by one starting minecraft again and seeing which mod crashes the game before discarding it a very lengthy and annoying process the mods i am hoping to bring in are:

    Modular force fields (Unlikely :( )
    power converters
    Nuclear Control
    Extra Utilities
    now after i downgraded my Nuclear control I got it to work (my version of nuclear control is IC2NuclearControl-2.2.1a-Yolo) and power converters working however i am unsure about Extra utilites and since modular force fields is no longer under developement I got no chance of of being able to use it and I had so many ideas for traps using modular forcefields. Now back on topic properly; even after i followed the instructions given to me the alarms still won't show up in the howler alarm and now whenever i put the howler alarm down it vanishes from my inventory in creative mode and from the block it was put on after i modified the sounds.json and added the lines to the IC2 Nuclear Control config and added the alarms to the sounds folder in the IC2 nuclear control sound folder rom inside the java file using jzip

    this is something i am very proud of, A Progressive reactor heat monitor using Nuclear control, it is a work in progress as i am working on the second part of this system which is a computercraft PA system that announces the status of the reactor, the computercraft part isn't implemented yet
    I based my design on another older design from someone else and what i intend to do is create a computercraft PA system that interacts with my Nuclear control system to broadcast the reactor status throughtout the base

    here is the image for it:

    And here is the movie of it in action:

    please visit the url of the video as i have no idea how to put it in this post

    Ok Chocohead, I downloaded OpenCCsensors v1.75 and got it to work however I cannot find this industrialcraft 2 sensor card, I looked in the openccsensors tab, the industrialcraft 2 tab and the nuclear control tab, I even looked in the computercraft tab no luck, so I still think that ic2 would be more in depth with computercraft integration I dunno maybe a rednet port that interfaces with the 5x5 reactor and links it up to a computer from computercraft

    Regards V497 Vesper

    Quick question Chocohead, does open CCsensors have a way to monitor the heat level of the nuclear reactor, speaking of open CCsensors when i upgraded it to 1.75 it crashed my minecraft when i started it up
    you see what i want to do and the reason behind me suggesting this is to enable a computercraft computer to monitor both my reactor heat level and my progressive heat monitor system

    i am trying to get peripherals++ to give out a vocal signal with the speaker when the reactor reaches a certain heat level

    I have a suggestion that i think may be good, why not have computercraft v1.73 intergration that can sort of interact with both nuclear control and industrialcraft creating a pretty snazzy way to keep an eye on your reactor build i think that would be cool please tell me what you think

    Regards V497 Vesper

    NB: I'd like the intergration to happen with builds like this:

    You will have to use the remote version of the controller thingy (don't remembee the name).

    you mean the remote thermal monitor, this image may help

    what i am showing here is part one of my experiment in progressive heat monitoring to get this thing to work with only nuclear control is simple,

    in your nuclear control tab if you are in creative you will see a reactor sensor kit; select this and click on your 5x5 reactor with it now having done that go to your remote thermal monitor and open up the GUI by i think it is left click, when the GUI opens you will see a screen with slots to the right of the GUI put the reactor card you get in this slot. Now depending on the distance to your reactor you may need to install some range upgrades i belive that the distance without the range upgrade is about 8 blocks

    regards V497 Vesper

    Good morning! Having kind of accepted that turbines will block well at least until I figure out the best way to resolve this I have decided to look into something else and that is to make a progressive heat monitoring system for the 5x5 reactor on my moon base using nuclear control, computercraft(probably) project red and wireless Redstone,
    What I intend to do:

    Create and audiovisual representation of the heat level in the reactor that progresses along a certain spectrum from green meaning safe, to yellow meaning caution and then to red meaning " status critical, shut me down immediately!" I would also like to automate this. An optional mod I would use for a vocal warning would be peripherals ++ that has a speaker and chat box that can be utilised for extra warnings.
    Is this idea feasible at all? I mean I know that it is slightly possible, all I need to know is is the there a way to link up the 5x5 reactor to this system?
    If you ask me where computercraft comes in I will be using computercraft as a monitor system in tandem with the advanced information panels of nuclear control.

    What are the chances of successfully creating and utilising this system?

    Hey guys V497 here with a quick question, I built a 5x5 Nuclear Reactor using a tutorial from mementh on YouTube and the reactor works so thanks to mementh for the tutorial and thanks to whoever designed this 5x5 Nuclear Reactor however... When i Finished the build and left the reactor running to stabilize it and left my Minecraft world. When I logged back into said world I noticed that a few of my turbines stopped working, when I opened up the turbine GUI it said that my turbines were blocked and when I hovered over the turbine blade slot it showed over roughly 10000mbs of super heated steam stuck in the turbines, question 1: How do I release the steam from the turbines when they are blocked? And
    question 2: How do I prevent this from happening again?

    Any help is appreciated
    Regards V497