[1.7.10] Warhammer 40k: Blood & Iron [PVP & Survival][60 slot][IC2, flans, custom mods]

  • Server IP:

    Server IP is also saved in our technic pack. Check it out here.

    Server Features:

    ✘60 slots, 8 gb's of RAM, 24/7, professionally hosted.
    ✘Fight for the forces of Chaos or the Imperium.
    ✘Live in relative peace on the civilian world and become a trader or mercenary.
    ✘WH40k themed conflict, technology, armor, weapons and vehicles.
    ✘Numerous tech mods, custom mods and a complete rework of mod recipes.
    ✘Fully dynamic battlefield with 100's of capturable regions.
    ✘WH40k armor mod with very advanced armors ranging from flak to terminator.
    ✘Combat drugs distributed at various sites which grant many buffs.
    ✘Dozens of capturable sites that contain things such as power plants, mines, farms, and advanced labs.
    ✘Sites have practical uses such as granting access to large ore deposits, free resource dispensers, warp points, or unlimited free power.
    ✘Economy system built around capturing regions and buying things at important sites.
    ✘Join a sides army group or a custom outfit. Fight with your friends or get to know your teammates.
    ✘All languages welcome.
    ✘Preset worldmap with waypoints on important sites, capitols and other locations.
    ✘Fully integrated mod pack designed from the ground up with cohesion and WH40k lore in mind.
    ✘Players do not lose their inventory on the war world to encourage conflict.
    ✘Explosions breaking blocks is disabled for server performance.
    ✘Logblock and routine backups.


    We use the technic pack to make distribution of our pack simpler. Get the pack here.

    The server runs two worlds: a normal, no-PVP survival world and a PVP world. The PVP world is built around the concept of a dynamic battlefield split into many different regions that can be captured by planting flags. Some regions are just empty wilderness but many contain important sites; facilities that provide needed resources for free or at a cost. Players earn money by capturing regions and engaging in trade. The PVP world is divided into two sides: the Imperium and the forces of Chaos. Both sides are collections of players who work together to gain dominance over the battlefield.

    The survival world players can travel to the PVP world but not vice versa. Survival world players may trade or fight with the PVP players but cannot capture or access the sites.

    The kind of players we are looking for are Warhammer 40k fans, players who like a unique PVP experience (basically one giant world split into capture-and-hold regions), players who enjoy tech mods and players who enjoy a more casual PVP experience (no item loss on death, protected areas to actually build things in without the expectation of griefing). We always like to have people who enjoy being a part of a team but being a loner and doing your own thing is fine as well, no one can tell you how to have fun. We do take the rules very seriously though, so please make sure you observe them.

    If your still reading this wall of text then you may want to check out our website. There, the servers features are covered in much greater detail.


    1.Don't be a jerk.
    2.No cheats, hacks, exploits*, or abuse of commands.
    *Anything used in a way it's not intended to be used.
    3.Keep chat relevant and civil.
    4.If you are on a team do not betray it. Yes, this means spying and theft.
    5.Do not in any way cover or hide the flag when capping.

    -Breaking rules will result in immediate, no questions asked bans. No excuses.
    -If your not sure if somethings against the rules, don't do it.
    -We have block logs, chat logs, action logs and backups.

    If you have any questions or problems let me know here or by email at mensreamc@gmail.com

  • Not really, I designed them and CrafterOfMines57 made them. So far he has done our armor mod, the forge block mod and some other work.

    I just completely overhauled IC2 recipes, kicked everything up a notch, removed a lot of the new power generators until they can be better balanced, etc.

    I also took UU out behind the chemical shed...tired of that stuff in general. Same with quantum.

  • Ah nice, and is CrafterOfMines still available as a coder ? I need one for my mod ^^ , it's progressing way to slowly :c

    Gonna check your pack once I upgrade my computer :D

  • How often do you find yourself in a PvP Server with IC2 and other mods AFKing? If you're tired of this then Warhammer 40k: Blood & Iron is definitely right for you. This server focuses PvP on a dynamic battlefield with strategic points all over the map. Every land claim will help your team and there is always stuff to do no matter what. Died? No worries, you can easily hop right back into combat, (with some fresh ammunition of course) getting right back into the battlefield to help your team out.

    Although the server has a strong emphasis on map control and PvP, those who aren't PvP orientated, no worries! There's a place for you on this server too!
    If you don't want to join a specific team, you can be a civilian trader and trade to either team! Make profits you've never dreamed of because both teams will always need supplies!

    Furthermore, the Modpack is easy to download and install! Simply download the TechnicLauncher (http://www.technicpack.net/download) and search up WH40k: Blood & Iron and you'll be on your way to joining this superb server. Certainly a one-of-a-kind and always fun, even for an old vet like me~

    Come, join us! Bring your friends, start up a squad, and start fighting! (Or trading! Or...whatever it is you like to do! :D)
    (Mkeness wants YOU! for the Red Team!)

  • -Switched to a better server (IP change)
    -Added AE
    -Added nuclear control
    -Added iron chests (just build obby chests)
    -Added stationary sniper cannon (immobilizes while being used, used by any armor)
    -Updated armor mod (poison now goes through armor unless it can resist it)(terminator no longer receives speed or jump buffs)
    -Buffed Hydra (only real defense/antidote to poison rounds)
    -Buffed carapace armor life a good deal
    -Remove construction foam
    -Fix wrench repair recipe
    -Buffed assault speed again
    -Gave flak a small speed boost (because its light armor thats why)
    -Buff taurox speed
    -Increased hitbox sizes of all projectiles, especially bolts, tank rounds and various lasers
    -Buffed siege mortar firing rate
    -Satchels no longer detonate when shot

  • Is this still a thing? The thread hasn't been updated in months and the IP gives me an error. Did the server get taken down or what?