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    ^^'' Anyway, anyone willing to walp me on some stuff are more than welcome, I also didn't mentioned but I want to add a bit more stuff than planned, so gonna update it ( namely a Steam generator for IC2 classic with half the efficiency of the railcraft one due to being turbine less, an upgrade expensive one with 100% efficiency and a bit more stuff thingies ), as for nerfs, I will do them as Minetweaker script because it's just so easier :P I also forgot to mention I wanted to ask Jared for Modtweaker support if he has time... So yeah.
    Lastly, I will release other mods that I often use nerfs related to IC2 classic, note you may need more mods than simply IC2 + GT and X mod :P
    in rare cases that is :P I am going to mention it.

    This is the first alpha version of GregTech Classic, after 1 month of coding with the great help of Greg, we finally managed to make a test version, note this is not a playable version, is very buggy and is only proof of concept of what will come later on.

    Content :
    Blast Furnace

    Future additions :

    Known bugs :
    -Blast Furnace doesn't accept power for some reasons
    -GUI has a graphical problem
    -item and block are missing a proper name
    -Item in GUI will be lost after reload of chunk / world

    Note future additions will be normally added in order, I will accept any questions and ETA as long as you are not annoying ^^

    Problem is fU sounds like Grag started raging at naming his units and could not find a proper name, so yeah :P
    ^Blub : You get it :P
    Also Greg, this new engine is an actual mechanical engine ? ( non rf ? ) And what the hell are strong / dense machines now xD
    And why negative energy is needed, I don't really get you here :/

    Ok, how and what the actual fuck are cryo units ? Units are supposed to be energy right ? This should stay in hU just allow a way to make one place hot and the other cold ( radiator type of thing ). Quantum units also doesn't sound right and are kinda scary ( dark energy / Exotic matter ? ), Magnetic units makes me think of sonic 3 electric shield and are Air units a way to define pressure ? ( everything else if fine though )