High-resolution (64x+) textures for GregTech crops?

  • Is there anybody who can point me to (or perhaps make) a resource/texture pack (preferably 64x or higher) that includes textures for the crops added by GregTech? I know of some GregTech texture pack patches (and I'm currently using the BDCraft texture patch for the mod), but they focused on things like ores, ingots, plates, and machines, and didn't include the crops. I've been unsuccessful at tracking down when new crops were last added to the mod, and from what I've read, mods for older versions of Minecraft would use multiple block/item textures per image file, so an older texture pack might have enough textures that I could cut out of such combined image files to use for GT5 - I think that would be easier for me, since I haven't tried to make my own textures before.

  • I saw the thread about those before, I'm not a fan of either meme, those only cover the weeds (I downloaded them to make sure), with no way to distinguish growth stages (which admittedly is much less important for weeds), and I don't need them because the bdcraft textures for IC2 already include weeds.

    I was talking about GregTech-specific crops like flax, blazereed, and tearstalks. I could probably adjust the colors from the bdcraft stickreed textures to get decent-looking textures for withereed, diareed, and blazereed (and from ferru/aurelia for argentia/plumbilia), but others, like the flax and tearstalks, are too different from the crops that come with just IC2 for that to be an option.

    As I was writing this reply, it struck me that I might be able to re-use some textures from the bdcraft patch for the "Magical Crops" mod, so I'll take a look at those, though I'd be surprised if I found textures usable for all of the GregTech crops.

    Edit: I looked at those textures, and even with the older textures, many of them are just bushes with colored symbols representing what they dropped, which might be consistent with how the default textures of the "Magical Crops" mod (which I haven't used) work, but really wouldn't look right for the GregTech crops.

  • I was joking :)

    I do not know of any modules for high-res GT crops. You can probably reuse the Magical Crops stuff with a recolor, but they have different types of crops and don't mesh with cropsticks.

    Maybe Soartex has some stuff?

  • I already have the Soartex "Fanver Universal" and "Invictus Universal" resource packs downloaded, but those don't even fully cover the IC2 crops - there's a file "~Untextured.txt" in each that lists the missing textures: brown and red mushrooms, the 4th stage of potatoes, and the 4th and 5th stages of weeds. I also just downloaded the Soartex pack specifically for GregTech, and could quickly tell that it didn't include the GregTech crop textures (since they're in assets/ic2 in the GregTech jar rather than in assets/gregtech)

    I started on attempting to make my own crop textures starting from HanFox's bdcraft textures, but I ran into a snag: withereed, diareed, and blazereed start as darkened (not quite black) reeds in the default textures, and the reed part of the bdcraft textures shares some colors with the cropsticks, making it hard to select them for color adjustment without also selecting the cropsticks.

    I also noticed two sets of crop texture files in the jar that don't have matching crops listed at http://ftb.gamepedia.com/Crops_%28GregTech%29 yet: Liveroots and Steeleafranks.

  • I still haven't found any existing high-res texture packs that actually include the GregTech crops, so I ask again if there's someone willing and able to make me some high-res textures for the GregTech crops (I don't think I have either the artistic talent or the time and energy needed). They don't have to match up with the Sphax/HanFox textures for the IC2 crops - alternate textures for IC2 crops to match said GregTech crop textures would be okay too. Also, I'd like to be able to distinguish between different crops and growth stages where appropriate - e.g. with either original or Sphax/HanFox textures, stickreed is only distinct from regular reed at the last growth stage, so I won't insist on the texture pack diverging from that.

  • I've just come across some 32x textures that should be applicable to some of the current GT crops once cut into separate files:
    [IC²1.112]BrainTech Agricultures Datachip Package v1.7.1 [Now part of GregTech!]

    However, since "IChrisI" is apparently no longer registered, I don't know how to ask for permission to release it as a mini resource pack.

    Also, I didn't know what the plant to the right of the meatrose in that image was supposed to be, but apparently it's corium, which was originally distinct from corpseplant, unlike recent versions of GregTech 5 that use identical textures for corium as for corpseplant. I don't know when that distinction was lost.

  • Meh, I don't think he'd mind too much, as long as you give him credit. Chances are he'll never see it anyway, which is a bit sad but good for your case.

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    Someone should fix the gravel texture in the background. It's been years now, come on people.

  • In that case, see attached.

    Crops textured: Blazereed, Brown Mushrooms (GT version), Coppon, Corium, Corpseplant, Eggplant, Enderbloom, Meatrose, Milkwart, Red Mushrooms (GT version), Slimeplant, Spidernip, Tearstalks, Tine

    GT Crops left with original textures: Argentia, Bobsyeruncleranks, Diareed, Flax, Indigo, Liveroots, Oilberries, Plumbilia, Steeleafranks, Withereed

    Just in case others see this post, without reading the rest of the thread:
    Disclaimer: these textures are not my work. IChrisI posted them a few years ago for a mod that effectively became part of GregTech, I just adapted them to be usable with GT5 (and possibly GT6) for Minecraft 1.7.10.