Suggestions for breeding GT slimeplant?

  • I play on peaceful, so I've been trying to use GT crops to get the materials for the magma cream required for Railcraft blast furnace bricks. I got some blazereed, but I've been having trouble getting the slimeplant, so I was hoping to get some suggestions for what to cross - coppon and tine are the only ones that have any attributes in common with slimeplant according to, but I haven't had much luck crossing them so far.

    I haven't made a cropnalyzer or GT scanner to determine the stats of my seeds, but I've tentatively identified them based on the crop textures and drops, and put them in chests with signs to label them.

    I'm using GregTech 5.07.07 and IC2exp build 691. (plus a few other mods, but I don't expect them to affect the crops)

    I've got one 9x9 field (with water in the center and a lilypad) of reed (some of it crossbred), one of stickreed, and one of wheat (some of it crossbred), plus the following seedbags:
    7 stickreed
    47 coppon
    1 indigo
    3 spidernip
    2 flax
    10 argentia
    30 blazereed
    6 tine
    1 creeperweed
    8 milkwart
    8 plumbilia
    1 hops
    3 meatrose
    1 terra wart
    1 venomilia
    3 eggplant

  • If the tier matters, then it's debatable whether it qualifies as being *entirely* random, and I had a vague memory of there being some hidden stats that also affected the crossbreeding chances. However, I'll try a big coppon+coppon crossbreeding setup.

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    Uh, right. Its not "entirely", but you don't have direct relation between species.

    Tiers and properties are what matters. Stats (growth, gain and resistance) are irrelevant (to mutation).

  • Large-scale breeding (a checkerboard of 40 coppon and 40 crossbreeding places) helped get it faster. Even though I've only been knocking out weeds, new coppon, and reed/stickreed, I've got about 4 slimeplants. However, I've also got some that I think are ferru and aurelia. Do you know if GregTech ores will work to allow them to grow? (and I put them just below the farmland block, right?)

  • That's not quite what I was asking. With GregTech, I've disabled vanilla ore generation, so the gold ore I have is gregtech:gt.blockores:86 instead of minecraft:gold_ore (I'm using the NEI Integration option to make it show me the internal names). Would it still meet the conditions for aurelia to grow into its final stage (and allow me to collect the seed) or do I need to use a gold block? I can tell it isn't a GregTech crop, because it has a 128x texture, and I only have default 16x textures for the GT crops.