Electric Heat Generator & Blast Furnace HELP

  • So I made an electric heat generator and a blast furnace, I am fairly new to ic2 but I'm having trouble making the generator create heat for the furnace, I have copper coils in there but still nothing happens. I have the generator and furnace connected to cables which have a stable energy source from my windmill, but only the generator is connected to the wires, the furnace won't connect to them, is this suppose to happen? If not can someone help me?

  • The IC2 blast furnace only needs heat, not electricity, so having the cables not connect to it is expected, and there are two ways to make it start building up heat:
    1. Put some iron in it. (can be ingots, ore blocks, crushed/purified ore, or dust)
    2. Give it a redstone signal.

    Edit: for #1, you'll also need the compressed air cells.