[NewHorizons] Ultra Hard Gregified modpack via Minetweaker and Modtweaker. GT, Thaumcraft, Buildcraft, Witchery, Galacticraft, BloodMagic, Forestry, Better Questing 2,8K Quests

  • Version 14.12.2017

    Removed Mods:

    Lava Monsters 2.2.1

    Mod Upgrade:

    Adventure Backpac 0.9gbeta19
    Avaritiaddons 1.4b
    Biomes O Plenty
    Buildcraft 7.1.23
    Buildcraft Compat 7.1.7
    Datrev Scanner Mod 1.2
    Draconic Evolution 1.0.2l
    Extra Cells 2.3.14b200
    Galactic Greg 0.9.8
    GTNewHorizonsCoreMod 1.5.14
    GT-PlusPlus 1.6.101
    Open Computers
    Tinkers Gregworks 1.0.18.jar
    Thaumic Bases 1.4.16-0
    Tec Tech 3.6.0

    Changed/added Recipes:

    Advanced Backpacks(Add Info Update backpacks with stuff inside)
    AE2(Fixed circuits recipes(oredict), Memory card from Applied Energetics... #2257)
    Blood Magic(Fixed Spell Cable recipes)
    Catwalk(Fixed assembler recipes(amount))
    CoreMod(lower the cost for the brewing stand and enchanting table)
    EMT(Fixed recipes with meta id 26)
    Extra Utilities(add ender collector exchange recipe shapeless)
    Flood Light(fix recipe(fuel dissolver))
    Forbidden magic(Fix recipe where Primordial Pearl was consumed)
    Forestry(Forestry honey drops are not compatible with Harvestcraft jelly recipes #2244)
    Galacticraft(change recipe for Parachute and Canvas, Raw Meteoric Iron with DMG Valure unuseable #2242, Oxygen mask only takes TiC glue #2241)
    Galaxy Space(Change recipe for Lander 2(Balloon))
    Genetics(Growth Medium went to Core Mod code 6 slot mixer and circuit)
    Gravisuit(Fix meta id 26)
    Gregtech(readd gt shovel recipes, Circuit Tooltips for Tiers)
    GT++(change recipes for Thermal Boiler)
    Magic Bees(Add Oredict to all Combs)
    Minecraft(Add Sign recipes in the assembler, Clayblocks with Tinkers Bucket)
    Open Blocks(add new Dev 0 exchange recipe)
    Open Modular Turrets(recipes in the assembler gives more output)
    Railcraft(Oredict GT Saw in recipes, Creosite Wood Slabs arent craftable with Buzzsaw #2239)
    Random Things(Give most of the items a recipe)
    Remote IO(add more Location chip recipes to the assembler)
    Steve Carts(add new Iron Pane recipes and put them in the assembler)
    Tainted Magic(Fix recipe where Primordial Pearl was consumed)
    Thaumcraft(Tallow now made out of Soapstone not rotten flesh anymore, Change recipe scribing tool, Sanitizer Soap never worked, Primordial pearl requirements #2248)
    Twilight Forest(Remove recipe for Magic Map and Focus, you can get this only as Quest reward)
    Witchery(start with put recipes to Thaumcraft Book)

    Code changes:

    Core Mod(Localization improve, Fixed Pipes. Bedrockium not Black Plutonium, Pump (EV) in assembler requere silicon rubber rings instead rubber rings #2111, [Quest] Advanced nano chestplate #2075,
    Universal spade uncraftable due to GT:Showelhead no recepie #2140, Resistor recipes now accept Coal, Charcoal, and Carbon, Alternative high tier Lapo Orb Cluster recipe to reduce nessary Lapocrystal amount.
    Add new Multipipes 4X,9X, [] AdvLappack no craft #2218, Borosilicate Glass Fibers #2217, suggestion change growth medium recipe #2214, Magic Bees combs registered in wrong ore dictionary #2187, [Suggestion] More Uses for Talc/Soapstone #2166, problem with the elite arc furnace #2164, Battery_Buffer_4by4_UEV, Add Primordial Pearl Fragment)

    Gregtech(Fix free tin bug by making Dimethyldichlorosilane and fix methane not outputting enough cells, More Phenol recipes, Magic fix, added GasolineConfiged Machine Casings, Oil Cracker/
    Large Chemical Reactor structure change, Fixed Oil Cracker description typo, Oil Cracker can now also works right -> left, EU/Maint Hatches anywhere, The Large Chemical Reactor can now have its Cupronickel
    Coil on any side, Fixed RawRubber from Isoprene recipe, []Chloroform chem react #2231, [2.0.1] Nitric acid change for ore processing not consistent with electrolyzer recipes #2074,
    Advanced jetpack quest #2157, Empty Cell Duplication Bug #2198, Lapotronic Cluster have 2 scan results. #2149 , Glass tube recipe in solidifier is strange #2211, [] AdvLappack no craft #2218 ,
    [] AdvLappack no craft #2218, []deprecated Yttrium BaCu mixer recipe #2222, fix a id overlapping, Add Multipipes, Fix wrong translation, Try to fix #1301,
    Increased energy cost of electrolyzing Carbon Dioxide, Sulfur Dioxide, Rebalance Tritanium cost, add new fusion recipes (Tungsten + Indium prod), Lossy Imp Compressor recipes for higher tier gems from lower tier gems.
    Oredict fixes, GT6 style concrete speedup (no soulsand like behavior that blocks you from entrances and less OP ice hyperspeed highways), Default off config for GalacticraftOil compat,
    [suggestion] LuV+ conveuor modules and Assembly line automatisation #2225, Chunky oregen rebase2, Remove unnecessary tabs, Leave deep dark orevein max size at 32, only place GT stone if the
    requesting chunk can potentially accept it., Added primary meta to orevein seed. Read comments for details., Removed oreveinSize to use a hardcoded value for now, until we can do per-dimension setup. Other minor fixes,
    Feature complete. Fixed/understand Deep Dark double oregen issue. Stll have some funky chunks, but suspect that is a DD issue, not related to Gregtech, Remove tabs, replace with spaces,
    Feature complete. Ready for testing in multiple dimensions., Happy with orevein generation now. Working on small ores next., First pass at chunkifying oreveins, Cascading worldgen is being caused by
    something in other worldgen, possibly small ores or stones? Don't know for sure, need to investigate, Single block pump refactor & bugfix, GTNH-GT6_styled_pipes, Plantball fix, Added info to small miners tooltip,
    Added IntCircuit to LCR Tetrafluoroethylene recipe for consistency, Added recipes for Phenol production from Benzene, Removed NEI Large boiler fuel entry for Carbon Dust (#1295), Fixes #1285.
    Invalid Burn value on Carbon dust in NEI page for Large Boiler Fuels, Added a forgotten LCR Tetrafluoroethylene recipe, Revert "Make fluid hatches behave", [Suggestion] Modify Vacuum Tube Assembler recipes
    to allow some use before EBF. #2188, fine wire cost being different #2125, Universal spade uncraftable due to GT:Showelhead no recepie #2140, balance naq reactors, Fix tooltip., Questing issues #2115 ,
    try to fix item pipe issue, Fix item pipe creation ignoring tick time., Fix overflow when charging ultimate battery, Refine the tooltip a bit, Fix for Deep Dark not allowing oregen above Y=128. #41,
    Add small ores debug messages, l10n improve, Electronic tubes assembler recipy... #2243, Fix pipe behaviors, Beacon assembler recipy... #2255, Add UV Energy Transmitter and change recipe.
    Remove CuringOven because no texture, recipe not working and maybe never be fully implemented)

    GT++(we using Official Build)

    Config changes:

    Better Archivements(add config)
    Block Limiter([suggestion] Receive twilight boses #2232)
    Custom Tooltips (Gendustry combs... #2249)
    Datrev Scanner Mod(add config)
    Gregtech(Change Oremix high, update configs, [Suggestion] Change orevein heights for Y180-250 oreveins to Y80-180 #2237, Titan in the End? Better not)
    GT++(Update config)
    Magic Bees(Disabled modules/mods we don't have)
    Nature Compass(add config)
    Random Things(re enabled most of the items, Ectoplasma spawns to often #2250)
    Tec Tech(add config)
    To much Loot(fix bug min max value)
    Utility Worlds(Set config option to dim 180) To prevent Void dims override existing Dims


    Questing issues #2115, Quest Spell Foci #418 task 3/3 requires a blood orb with owner Namikon #2114, EBF-Time Quest #2113, [Quest] Advanced nano chestplate #2075, New Bee and litmus paper Quest,
    update Titanium Quest, Bee Hive Quests added Bee Quests removed, Apiarist Clothes should be Retrieval task, not Crafting task #2143, More Datasticks for Seismic Prospecting #2223,
    Dark Steel Tools and Weapons quest is bugged #2219 Quest #991 "Dark steel armor basic upgrades" and #998 "Dark steel tool and weapon basic upgrades" broken #2179,
    Quest "Adept Thaumaturgy/Secrets" is not MP friendly #2209, Quest bug teir 4 blood alter has wrong block #2205, [] Few Quest Adjustments in Forestry and Farms! #2182,
    Tinker-Time quest failing to detect #2172, Server hangs due to Lag when activate Magic Map in Overworld #2171, Quest #328 "Hold all the foci" on page "Kaaami, Haaaami, ... HA!" impossible to complete #2170
    coins are completely busted #2163, Cetane-boosted diesel works in basic diesel generators #2159, Dark Steel Tools and Weapons quest is bugged #2219, Weird Quest behaviour (gold banded greatwood wand) #2153,
    Death on another planet makes you lose everything #2141, Questing Issue (Tier 3, Molten Polyethylene) #1919, [suggestion] Receive twilight boses #2232, Add MV Bender QuestAdd more mv Battery quest,
    Add Lubricant and Iron chest Quest, More food Quests, Add Diamond Tank and Lava Pump Quest, Check Thaumcraft Quests #2247, More Quests: Bath Salt, Spa and sanitizer Soap, Add new Quests: Beacon, Cursed
    Earth, Sigil and more, add new Sigil Quest, Iron and Snow golem Quest, Pure Tear and Amulet Quest in Kami, Add Apiary Chest Quest, Bee Frame Quests, Add more Bee breeding Quests. From tier 0 to Royal Jelly,
    Compact Storage Quest #2254, Hide Naga Spawner Egg Quest #2252, And many more quests that was wrongly Open, Hide Apiary Cloth behind Carpenter #2251, "Power of the sun 8V" quest issue #2258,

  • And a new X-Mas Update

    Version ---- 22.12.2017

    Mod Upgrade:


    GTNewHorizonsCoreMod 1.5.15

    GT-PlusPlus 1.6.110

    Tec Tech 3.6.2

    Changed/added Recipes:

    Gendustry(Enviromental processor from gendustry... #2271)

    Gregtech(fix brick dust recipe)

    Jabba(New Jabba Tier Black Plutonium, Add shaped recipes for Storage Upgrades from Barrels)

    Project Red(GT Ruby block not craftable #2278)

    Open Blocks (Add more recipes to XP Bucket #2274)

    Storage Drawers(Storage Drawer Upgrades #2295)

    Tinkers Construct (Gated 3x3 Tools after Alumite, Heart Canister is a HV recipe and use now hv materials)

    Witchery(witch's cauldron uncraftable? #2293)

    Code changes:

    Core Mod(Add Primordial Pearl Fragment, change name and give 3 pearl frgaments, Barrel Upgrades #2291)

    Gregtech(Archivment Fix, Change diesel to combustion, Fix issues with mixer only having 8000L buffer, GT6 Style cable connection fix, Sodium Persulfate recipe ridiculously long #2286,

    Advanced NanoChestPlate No Longer Craftable #2288, )

    Config changes:

    Gregtech(Change Oremix high, update configs, [Suggestion] Change orevein heights for Y180-250 oreveins to Y80-180 #2237, Titan in the End? Better not)

    Jabba(New Jabba Tier Black Plutonium)


    Suggestion change restone quest steam age #2296, Alvearis quest (#1123) in how to bee not finishable due to item amount #2294 Add sbmission station Quest, Pure tears quest too easy #2292, Antimony Quest #2264, Fix Tool modifier quest , Gated 3x3 Tools after Alumite, Add new Tinkers Quests Alumite, Modifier and more, New Barrel upgrade Quests, Cool down time from Quests #2270, Steel Quest unlocking #2273,

    Novice Thaumaturgy quests are on timers #2280, Bee Reward Upgrades not working #2282, Oil generation is every 8 chunks, not every 6. #2283,

  • I can't start the game with (I can't see minecraft in task manager when I start it in technic launcher) no logs and no crash-report

  • Version --- 09.01.2018

    New Mods:

    Berries ++ 1.0.2

    Mod Upgrade:


    GTNewHorizonsCoreMod 1.5.17

    GT-Scanner-Mod 1.4

    Hunger Overhaul 1.0.2

    Loot Games 1.0.16

    Tec Tech 3.6.2b

    Thaumic Exploration 1.1.72-0

    Tinkers Construct

    Utility Worlds 1.0.9d

    Changed/added Recipes:

    AE/Extra Cells(Changing the new storage component recipe back to pre 1.5/2.0 recipe. #2333)

    Avaritia(Infinity wires madness #2364)

    Buildcraft(Disable Water springs)

    Chisel(Add Black Granite to Abyssal Stone Chisel Variants)

    Extra Utilities(QED too expensive #2344)

    Forestry (In NEI recipe, Irradiated Comb centrifuge and produce nothing. #2356)

    Galacticraft(Frequency Module isn't craftable anymore #2342)

    Gregtech(Add tool tips for batteries, add tooltip for ZPM Module too, Add Tooltips to Seismic Prospectors)

    GT++(Field Generator have different recipes #2332 thats why i disabled Component Assembler)

    IC2(Change IC2 Water Generator recipes, Add more mining pipe recipes)

    Magic Bees(Jade material for GT Tools #2365 and Moon Dail)

    Open Blocks(remove dev 0)

    Random Things(remove bloodstone recipe)

    Railcraft(remove different ingots from RC Blast furnace(GT++), Railcraft Energy Loaders way too expensive #2347, [suggestion] force track emitter recipe #2349, fix creosote wood slabs duplication,)

    Tainted Magic(Void metal is not auto craftable if void essence is researched #2362)

    Thcumcraft/Gadomany(Ancient Stone -> Slab #2369)

    Thaumic Tinker(Cannot perform Bottomless Pouch infusion #2323)

    Twilight Forest(Ironwood rework #2316)

    Witchery(Cant make witches oven for a quest because ''block of steel fence'' cant be made or found in NEI #2327, Fix Wormwood recipe)

    ZZ-Client(change coin recipes)

    Many Mods(When creating watches, electric tools are not used #2373 oredict gt tools in recipes)

    Code changes:

    Core Mod(Ore washer needs a pump in recipe, i18n placeholder config, Code cleanup, revert if breaks shit., update dependencies Add a com recipes for irradiant comb, Add two new Chunk loader coins)

    Gregtech(commented out old and deprecated chem. recipes, remove Acetone and Calcium Acetate Solution smelting recipes. There are machine recipes for it., reduce fluid heater recipe to max 30 EU/t from 32 EU/t Acetone to Ethenone fluid heater recipe need now 160 eu/t like the distillery recipe, Ethenone recipes using now mv to make tetranitromethane, remove light fuel as Cetan Diesel source, Change high octane gasoline recipe to be balanced, revert Tetranitromethane time and set it to 120 eu/t, Remove all 32 eu/t recipes and replace them with 30 eu/t recipes, Cleanup materials list,

    Optimize imports an add molten cells, remove smeltable into gems, Add Fluid Canner recipes for missing molten recipes materials, remove Concrete and change to 1000L per cell, Fix molten cells, add samarium/magnetic samarium properly..., Change to 144mb molten cells, change samarium color, change manually added recipes to 144l, Ore washer needs a pump in recipe, Redstone Alloy Wires can use rubber now for cables (in the assembler), Allow use of wire cutter/soldering item on the tile entity, as well as the wire, for a connect/disconnect, Add Redstone Alloy Wire to wire mill recipes,

    GT6 cable quality of life improvements, revert soldering tool behavior, lang file typos, Added missing overlays, made the passtrough of wire cutting/connectiong trough gt machine blocks work only if the player is isneaking. And because of that, added back the soldering iron support.Typo fixes, Config to disable placeholder "%material", Solar panel fix, Make solar panels always look connected, and allow energy injection from unknown directions, Localization bugfix & improvement, Added Soldering Iron for MV, HV, fixed Silicon to Silicone, Make AE2 GT-p2p tunnels connect to gt cables (#73), Save/load NBT data for Large Turbine - HP STeam (#74), Adjust pollution levels on BBFs 50-->200, Add tier based range change method., Added MV,HV Seismic prospector, change recipes for seismic prospectors, change the range, Add stepping changes to prospector. change size of Seismic prospector, Fix UO blacklist, change Adv prospector to 16x16 chunks radius 128 (server limit 8 chunks radius), Make the description more accurate on Soldering Iron, ADD MORE TOOLS, Extruder cell recipe #2331, changed recipes using 32 eu/t to 30eu/t, Cells produced from nothing when placing rutile into chemical reactor #2339, Arc Furnace uses now 30 instead of 32 eu /3 amps, NEI page access of Primitive Blast Furnace, Fix iridium neutron reflector behavior, patch a render issue Nei, Fix that the main facing of basic machines can be set to top/bottom, Fix #1039, Add new Multiblock chem recipes for Fuel and Cetan Fuel, Change old ones in the mixer, New Diesel/Cetan Diesel nerfs/buffs, Change Gasoline and high Octane Gasoline recipes MV-->HV , HV ---> EV, Change burn value Gasoline 576K and High Octane Gasoline 1152k, Add recipes to large chemical reactor, Jade material for GT Tools #2365, try to add recycle recipes to all NC sensor cards, Some tweaks to oil rig - test some, Output bus pipe fix take two (#85), Update drain/fill to take into account pipe connections, Fix derp (output vs input), Make flint more durable for Mortars, Hydrogen and Nitrogen quality of life alternate recipes #2378, Update drain/fill to take into account pipe connections,)

    Config changes:

    Core Mod(Add chunk-loader coin Tooltips, Add 2 Chunk loader Coins Tooltips)

    IC2(make Wind (5x) and Water (10X) Generators better,)

    Loot Games(New loot games config)

    Railcraft(Add 2 Chunk loader Coins Tooltips)


    Change nbt data for seed bags to work now in quests, bee breeding quest 1116 retrieval issue #2306, fixed amount of drones needed for one quest, Add Gt++ Advanced Steam Boiler to Tier 2 Quest, Add Lossless Wire Quest for LV, add new hv battery Quests and Buffers, Kinetic Wind and Water Generation Quests, Gt 6 styled pipes and wires Quests, Update quest file and change a bit MV Quest is access able, new XBow Quests, Bow Quests, fix Ender IO Armor and Tools Quest #2317, Ironwood and Steeleaf Quest, Suggestion for the Coins quests #2326 Quests #2320, change LV crafting to retrieval quests,

    remove dependencies on QED Quest, make Quartz quest optional, change Sodium and Lithium Quests, Alveary quest requite wrong amount of casings #2340, Bee Quests #2338, Add more Quest for coins. Soap and Salt for warp, Damascus steel, A lot of quest changes and coin addition, fix advanced electric jetpack quest #2351, add Thaumium Ingot quest add info to crucible quest, Batteries not can filled without Battery Buffer in quest after Bat Quests, fix some quests for new Diesel recipes, Twilight boss quest suggestions #2363, Food Can #2367, Add Information's panel quest, OreDict recipes and quests using Advanced Circuits #2377, fix pile igniter quest bronze plates now retrieval quest

  • Version ----15.01.2018

    Mod Upgrade:

    Applied Energistics rv3 beta6a

    Berries ++ 1.1.1c


    GTNewHorizonsCoreMod 1.5.18

    Changed/added Recipes:

    AE2( Fix Charged Certus Dust->Crystal creating water instead of using it, Add recipes for Covered Fluix Cable using synthetic rubbers)

    Biomes o Plenty([suggestion][simple] add hardened sand to the sand oredict #2400)

    IC2(Nano circuit naquadria cost #2393, ic2 adv battery recipe derp)

    Railcraft(balance Rails a bit, change railcraft shunting wire recipes a bit, )

    Thaumcraft(Recipe suggestion: Salis Mundis by crushing Balanced Shards in a Mortar and Pestle #2414)

    Code changes:

    Core Mod(Nano circuit naquadria cost #2393, [suggestion][simple] add hardened sand to the sand oredict #2400, remove shapeless recipe, [suggestion] Wool assembler recipe #2409)

    Gregtech(Add Tooltip for BBF Change Brick compression time for BBF, Update tooltips for Large Steam Turbine and Large HP Steam Turbine #2383, Tritanium should have a uu replication recipe in my opinion #2391, make Trtanium 1121,4 times harder than Diamond (source star trek), make tritanium use EBF and be meltable at 9000K, Update Element.java, [Balance] Adjust oilsands to make them worthwhile #2406,

    Fix custom enchantment for materials, Compost recipe is wrong #2407, Add more rail recipes, Make pipes aware of translocators & tinker construct faucets so they can connect, Oredict support for assline, change manyullyn shapeless recipe #2417, ZPM Microwave Transmitter #2421, Added Desh as Titanium and Oriharukon as Isotopes, added Oriharukon.mChemicalFormula, Possible fix for ic2 cells interacting with fluid pipes, Seismic Prospector Blocks incorrectly name for LV/MV #2430)

    Config changes:

    Core Mod(Large Heat Exchanger gives 5x output steam, not 10x #2394)


    Flint sword doesn't get detected in Quest #11 (Sharpness: Over... 5...) #2385, Flint tools other than the shovel don't get detected in Quest #5 (Tools) #2384, Error in the quest to buy steel #2392,

    Quest text adjustment for #481 (Creosote oil) #2386, [Quest] Update advanced heat exchanger quest on nightvision quest tree #2401, New Rail Craft Quests #2413, Fix diode Quest #2419,

    Animal farms Quest #2420, SMD Capacitor Quest #2422, Windmeter #2424

  • Should I keep updating it all the time, because the update prompted something to be removed

    Another problem is that the fuel for the railway mod Liquid Fueled Firebox can be added even if it is full. Is it a bug or the mod itself?