Different GUI for the upgrades (accessible with the wrench)

  • Hello, I have a suggestion for IndustrialCraft :

    My idea is to create a new upgrade GUI separated from the main GUI for each machines. The way to access it is to right-click on the machine with the wrench. To dismantle the machine you have to sneak-click on the machine with the wrench. No changes for batboxes of any tiers and transformers, except you have to sneak-click to dismantle them even if you right-click on their dot. It's a kind of new securiy measure to ensure nobody remove an upgrade of your machines, or yourself by accident, because you/they need a wrench to do that.

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    Then how would you set a machine face to be the opposite side, as that was always shift + the wrench. If people are going to steal upgrades having to have 6 bronze is hardly going to be a big limiting factor.

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  • It's more a way to prevent yourself to remove updates by accident, because a simple mistclick and boom!
    Or if you prefer, access to that GUI without wrench but in sneak-right-click instead?

    Or again, adding a new button to lock/unlock or show/hide upgrade slots at the right, you have to click on that button first to remove an upgrade.
    It would keep the lock/unlock/show/hide status of course.