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    I couldn't really find the exact problem but I suspect that it has something to do with the empty buckets not being removed from the reactor fast enough and there is no real reason to put repeater between the retrievers, deployers and filters as the buckets can be filled and sent to the pipe in a single tick. You're wiring and logic gates are awesome but maybe a bit overly complicated.

    Oh, thank you, I've seen people doing more than one thing on a single tick like that before, but i've always thought the methoid was unstable. I'll try that though.

    As for the timing issue, the system is carefuly made so that every bucket is removed or(soon to be and) replaced on the same tick, the piping and timing systems are perfectly symmetrical, unless the south east rule applies. From what i can tell, the accelerator might only accelerate or deaccelerate so many items a tick despite a sufficient power supply.

    I've been working on a 2000eu/t compact, bucket-cooled CAUSC reactor for over two months, and I for the life of me can't get the damn thing working. It works perfectly on paper, but SOMETHING is messing up timing somewhere. I've gone through six revisions, and every single one fails, so could someone take a look at this and tell me what is wrong?

    Before I turn it on:

    After I turn it on:


    Well, I DID think this up while drunk, so it might be a little OP. I just thought that having Project Arcturus in IC2 would be awesome. And besides, 300 million isn't that unreasonable, as some awesome people pointed out. I have a (planned) nuclear reactor that could generate 23 trillion Eu/t. Also, thanks everyone for giving this so much attention. I didn't know he announced the SPACE thing until I clicked on this thread.

    This is a great idea, wait, 23t eu/t? HOW?

    Alblaka said that there were 4 jokes, one was the space thing, one was the fake confiscation notice. What were the other two?

    He said one had failed and the other went unnoticed, so maybe they were something in 1.90?

    The 1.81 changelog explicitly states that you can now uses pipes/tubes in reactor chambers, unlocking the 6th chamber.

    Any designs for the new feature? Talonius told me he got a 2070 EU/t design - HV transformer attached directly to the reactor!

    I'm going to be working on a super reactor with the highest possible output obtainable, a... well i shouldn't say, my comp's in the shop for at least the next week, and i really want to be the first to make one. Trust me, it"ll be the best one since x's CAUSC. I'd have a working version by now if i hadn't lost the world the other day(for the same reason my comp is in the shop) and for the fact that it's virtually impossible without magtubes.

    It's not really that hard to beat out a nuke plant for power output, especially if you're looking at sustained power output instead of peak. Sure you can make a nuke plant output 1500E/t for a short time, but keeping it running at that rate is near impossible. 120E/t is basically the "sane" max, before you start getting into mass ice manufacturing (which saps up Energy at a prodigious rate) or something. 120E/T is just 6 geos!

    A compressor takes about 200 Eu/t to keep a ~1800 Eu/t reactor cooled, but by sacrificing 30~ Eu/t to remove a 7th uranium you can switch to a bucket system and forgo a compressor completely. There are difficulties considering buckets cant stack, but im fairly certain the prototype im working on can keep it going safely for a whole cycle.

    Currently the design for the highest possible effective eu/t from a single reactor 'core'(the reactor itself plus 0-6 chambers) doesn't exist, i've been working on making it since the beginning of the month though, and it'll be done by the end of the month, probably sooner, so hang in there!

    The new version looks pretty good, more BC compatibility is great, official implementation of the solar helmet is great, as well as the new static boots and such. But wheres the thermometer? Or RP2 compatibility? We nuclear engineers would love to be able to measure reactor heat, or to have 6 chamber CAUSC reactors.

    Look, I know your all doing this in your free time, and for free, I know it IS your mod and you can do whatever you want with it, but c'mon. You said you would add a thermometer, and I'll be honest, I don't know the syntax of any programing language, but i've been around programmers long enough to understand whats easy and what isn't, and the thermometer is easy. There's even a 5-minute addon for it thats practically bug free! Maybe you decided against it, but you've said you'd add it before, at least say you won't add it and stop keeping false promises.

    And the RP2 compatibility, maybe its a problem on their side, maybe you don't want to fix it, but like I said i've been around programmers for a good while, and from what i've seen of the BC compatibility it ought to be perfectly possible to fix it on your side. From what I can tell, the nuclear chambers basically 'redirect' you to the real reactor inventory. Theres probably a workaround that could trick RP2 pipes into working, I don't know, I'm not going to suggest anything to a expert.

    The ladder collision box basically telling the game that it's *technically* a block, so you can jump off of the top and it clears snow if it occupies the same block area.

    Wait, he converted it into a entity? Because not only can blocks not have a collision box(or more than one box even) but blocks can't occupy the same space without coding them to(and for every combination) or rewriting a quarter of the game engine. I'm not kidding, someone I know is making a mod that can do that, and it actually has required roughly 25% of the engine to be rewriten so far.

    Forge updated today, I tested it, SP and SMP both work fine and I also tested it with IC2(and RP2), works perfectly. I eagerly await the release you promised in the comment on the video.

    For some reason, whenever I attempt to link two teleporters in SMP with a Freq Trans it immediatly unlinks after linking.

    For example, I right click a teleporter to start linking it, it says that the Frequency Transmitter is linked, but it also says unlinked below that. There is no delay between the messages, they appear at the same time.