• Hey everyone!

    I've got a quick question - I just got into nuclear power, and I've got one reactor that's spitting out 285Eu/t, which is quite nice! I was doing some research and came across breeder reactors, which, from what I can tell, can take my depleted uranium rods and make them whole again to be used again in my nuclear reactor?

    Now, I found this design on the official list here, but the version of Tekkit I'm playing is Tekkit Classic Reborn (it has IC2 v2.2.751 experimental) doesn't have heating cells, so I changed it a bit to use this design instead. So, I set that up with my depleted cells and hit go, and nothing happened after a full cycle. Am I missing something to do with breeders, or am I just doing something stupid :P?

    Anyway, any help will be greatly appreciated :)

  • Mechanics have changed quite drastically since those things where posted. Breeders no longer exist to mention one thing. Instead you put your spent fuel rods in a thermal centrifuge and you will get uranium 238 and plutonium. The plutonium can be used for either mox fuel (produces more power the higher the reactor temperature) or turn them into pellets that can be used in radioisotope generators.

    A question that sometimes drives me hazy; am i or are the other crazy

  • Oh no, so no more breeders :(? That's kinda annoying! So with the radioisotope generators, how do they work? Are they a completely new mechanic separate to the nuclear reactor, or do they combine somehow to give me more power?

  • They're separate from the nuclear reactor. The Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generator (RTG) gives a constant 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, or 32 EU/t output depending on how many pellets are added, and the pellets aren't consumed. The Radioisotope Heat Generator (RHG) outputs heat instead, which iirc gives the same effective EU/t outputs when used with a stirling generator, though alternatively the heat can be used for a fermenter or blast furnace.