Some errors in the wiki

  • Hi you all,
    This is my first forum post, and I'd just like to draw attention to some mistakes that might be in the wiki, in case the staff hasn't seen them.

    1. On the very bottom of the first steps tutorial, it says that one should use an MV transformer to transform the energy coming out of an MSFU down to MV. Maybe I am mistaken, but doesn't the MSFU output Extreme Voltage, requiring first a HV and a MV transformer after that to make the output MV?

    2. The Food List page ( you can obtain from the Canning Machine entry in the first steps tutorial has a link to an unavailbale file on a different website.
    I think that linked document would contain the same info as the Item List entry of the food cans...

    I am still quite new to IC and I might have stated something as an error which isnt one, in this case, please excuse me...

    I hope I could help a bit to updating the wiki... ;)

  • The First Steps tutorial is a mish-mash off old and new stuff, it's inevitable that some old stuff will have been left behind.

    The Food List page is one of those old abandoned pages that is really dealt with on the canning machine page .

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