Ice Cooled Mark IV-A Reactor

  • I have been Messing around with the way reactors work and i realized that if you were to collect snow and compress it you get ice. So i made a few hundred stacks of ice and threw em into a Mark IV reactor that would normally blow up in about 8.71 seconds and made it last Oh around 5 minutes
    #mce_temp_url# (Not cooled by Water)

    Efficiency = 4.21
    EU/t = 590
    Heat = 0+ (While Ice is in core+water) 1147+Water (while in normal state)
    Run time= 290 (with ice) 8.71 (without)

    All the empty spaces were filled with ice, this reactor can pump out 590 EU/t.

    Im not sure how to calculate the total EU produced in those 5 min but its Probably around 5mil

    This is my Very first time posting a Reactor so Please be as Mean as possible :P
    (tips on how to Format my posts as well would be awsome)

  • mixing units there

    290 seconds means 5800 game ticks, and 5800 game ticks becomes 3,422,000 EU. Pretty good yield, would run about anything but matter fab and other "high tier" machines for quite a while.

  • I'm pretty sure the reactor ticks and game ticks are separate... so the first number was more correct.

    Edit: Reactor ticks are basically 1 second long. So yeah, the correct units were originally used.

    Double Edit: Misread a few lines. Reactor PULSES are 1 second long. So actually, Vendan is correct at 20 ticks/sec. 3.422M EU produced theoretically.

  • I'm going to Test and see how much it yields before Blowing .
    Thanks for the constructive criticism guys.


    It generated 3.338 Million EU

    Now i calculated the EU loss per tick and it came to 20.05 (21 HV cable and 67 Fibre)
    5800 ticks x 20.15 = 116870 + 3.348M = 3.596M EU

    So im thinking it generates 3.3M EU before needing to Shut off and cool down


    Just remembered that i first tested this with No water. Testing it again with No water


    EU total = 3,391,507

  • I can just imagine this as part of the ultimate reactor using buildcraft and equivalent exchange to turn part of the eu into enough ice to keep it running indefinitely.

    Think it'll involve a few :Macerator: doubling your gold ore and a loop turning half of them back to ores combined with a ton of of autocrafters to turn it into ice fast enough.