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    ok so ive thought about this and let me offer a suggestion...

    change the ouput to 5EU/t in day and 0EU/t night because unless you actually know what a solar panel does then youd know "THEY USE THE SUNS RAYS" yes the moon is lighten by the sun but it doesnt give off its rays so its impossible for them to produce during the night

    Go take a science class. They don't use the suns rays, they use photonic impacts to create power. All light sources create photons(that's what light freaking is) so any light source can create power with a solar panel. The moon just makes way less then the sun(cause it's way darker) and the moon in minecraft looks way brighter then the normal moon. I personally don't like this addon, but it's not cause of faulty science.

    Is that a power meter block I see peeking out in the last photo :)

    It's good to see people using my mod! :D

    Cut off power to it's output unless it get's a redstone signal. Advantage over batbox/mfe/mfsu is that it won't leak(ever), advantage over transformers is that it's cheap and the same unit will work in LV, MV, and HV circuits. compute output energy wrong when you use isotope cells. it correctly increase pulses of uranium cells which lead to increased heat production but it also add energy production. but as i understand reactor guide from ablaka isotope cells dont increase energy production. only heat production.

    this…XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX should produce 5EU/t not 10.

    Problem fixed.

    LOL, wondered if someone would notice that. They are the start of a fusion reactor mod. Extract electrolyzed water cells to make deuterium fuel cells. Still working out balance and trying to make them different from nuclear reactors.

    Changed mod name to Power Systems
    Delete old mod, and put this in it's place. Will not affect existing power regulators, as long as block ID's were not changed.(i.e. if you changed the config file, you need to change the new one to match)Added power switch and power meter. Power meter does not yet signal redstone on powerflow, but I will be adding that.

    so test it, and ruin ur base.

    HD's are for moving heat from hull to cooling cells. External cooling, i.e. water blocks around the reactor, only affect reactor heat. I.E. that reactor is completely safe. Just try cycling it on the simulator. If you watch, there is no heat buildup on the reactor.

    Allow me to give you alternative to this power regulator.

    Make a device that simply detect flow on the cable. If there is energy flow, do a redstone signal. This alone will allow more possibility of combination with other existing material like flow control, only with just 1 block of detector, or detector that you can manually adjust trigger range.

    Oh, thats good for a laugh. I mean seriously, did you think about it? My power regulator is way more flexible then you can do with any system of flow triggers and switches. I wouldnt be suprised if the people that ban redstone loops on servers do the same for flow triggers and the like, considering you'd have multiple triggers a second, with multiple block updates per second, and depending on the way you switch the powerflow, multiple energynet updates per second. Having said that, I was already planning on adding flow meters and simple redstone switches to my addon, but I'm not replacing the power regulator with them. Just remember, server admins look at cpu usage, and the regulator has the same cpu usage as a storage unit, where as redstone updates can be heavy.

    mixing units there

    290 seconds means 5800 game ticks, and 5800 game ticks becomes 3,422,000 EU. Pretty good yield, would run about anything but matter fab and other "high tier" machines for quite a while.

    I already planned on adding at least a simple redstone cutoff switch into my power regulator mod, so I'm gonna put a power meter in it too. Gonna change the name to PowerSystems, and if anyone else has any ideas for more power control/monitoring systems, feel free to post them (note: I am planning on also including selective disablement in the config, so you could enable power meters alone, that way server admins have a choice. Still only 1 block ID so far, gonna try to cram as many as I can into that ID.)

    There is an addon for buildcraft that fills buckets with water. I set up a really complex system that actually does manage 500 h/s cooling on a reactor. Works pretty well, actually


    4 buckets of water in at a time, they stay in for about 3.75 seconds, plenty of time for the reactor to use them. IHD is so i can keep a general idea of reactor temp.

    Buckets go in, and are pulled back out the same pipe. Diamond pipe sorts the still full buckets from the buckets that need refilling(for when reactor is idle or still heating up, nothing will break this setup)

    Everything uses sequencers so all 4 buckets get there at once

    Pump auto refills and delivers to main chest

    Sequencers handle extraction. All 4 buckets arrive almost at the same time, then are extracted at the exact same moment, and are replaced a quarter of a second later.

    It all works, and i think that setup was managing a constant 245 EU/t, the best I've ever managed. Wooo!

    That would be possible, but would either need to be like the electrolyzer(siphon off if above 95%) or need to alter existing blocks. My main concern is to not tie up a lot of energy just to allow excess to be siphoned. I dont like to have an mfsu that needs to be filled, I usually have a main HV line that gets transformed down to MV/LV as need be.

    All it needs is a working IC2 install(there are directions for that if you're not sure) There is a config file, so the block ID can be changed if you want to.

    Unfortunately, the way the energy net works, it's not possible to put some EU's out one face and then the rest out another, it just lets you emit energy and it splits it between all output faces. The only way(that i can see) around this would either be to re-register with the energy net twice a tick(WAY WAY WAY too much cpu usage, that's 40 path recalculations per second, per regulator), or to output on 2 separate blocks. That could be changed in the main mod, but it would be a rather big change for 0 benefit for anything but tiny edge cases like this. That's not a change that I could, in good conscious, ask for. I'd rather get SMP then a redesign of the already vastly improved energy system.

    Fixed the won't work until recabled bug.(same thing affects the normal transformers, and you can fix it with a redstone signal pulse, but I put the code fix in a bug report)

    Edit: Fixed tile entity saving problem.(Regulators would need to be re-placed upon loading the map again)