Disappearing reactors?

  • Hopefully I'm not the only one who has had this, and if I am missing something written about it, I do apologize.

    My reactor keeps disappearing from inside my nuclear fluid reactor. The pressure vessel remains intact, and I see no evidence of a massive meltdown, however I try to access the hatch and get nothing, then open the reactor and find it empty. This has happened a number of times... I'm at the point where I just NEI everything back so I stop dumping in resources. Anyone else having this?

    I DO have it build just over a chunk border, but it was happening at my old base before a big remodel and that one was within chunk borders I think.

    Only major mods I'm running (that I was running before when this started) is Gregtech, AE, and Railcraft. There are other small mods but I don't think they'd be involved.
    Anyone know what it is? Am I melting down and just not going Hiroshima? I have watched it alot and I see no problems, but I then come back to find it totally disappeared.

  • OK, and for another oddity, I keep having the oddest issues with disappearing/rotating blocks. Admittedly, I used worldedit to copy my coolant chiller design, and it was understandably all rotated incorrectly, however after fixing it, I saw that the original chiller had gone crazy. All mekanism pipes had disappeared, and so did the steam generators. Am I missing something obvious here, like it just being a reaction to a badly designed device and the steam generators blowing up (with no other damage)?

  • Disappearing reactor with you too? The same thing happened to me a few times on my world so I rebuilt the reactor again and it hasn't happened again since then

  • Figured it out! Reactor was melting down, just wasn't going Chernobyl on me, and the steam generators were exploding because I was losing water in the system. My bad! Ha!