Moving worlds

  • I know this isn't exactly an IC2 question, but I figure you guys should know best. I'm trying to transfer all my stuff to a new world, and the only hangup I'm hitting is that a new world has a different numbering of items. I can copy and paste my base into the new world just fine, and I've figured out getting my stash there (AE drives in ender chests), but i hit the snag that generating a new world classifies items under different numbers. Thus, when generating my structure I copied over as a schematic, it'll generate with all the wrong bricks and cause a massive crash.

    Short question: can I copy over my ID# list to another world so it'll classify everything the same? It'll be the same mod list for the new world.

  • Damn... so much has changed with my mods, and this world has gotten so buggy and slow. I was hoping to at least save the resources and machines I have gathered in my current world and just move on. Guess I can try and take a count of the majors I have (i know the machines, but titanium, tungstensteel, etc). It'd take a long time to creative it all in!

  • Ah, so I am not the only one that faced this issue... It's indeed a head-scratcher. I suggest you take down your builds in the old world and store it all in chests, aside from the blocks that transfer without problems. If I remember correctly, chests do transfer correctly without the contents getting changed (with mcedit that is). This way you can partialy transfer your builds and then complete them with whatever is missing and have all the other items transfered as well.

  • You'll have to copy the level.dat, possibly editing the seed in there. It contains all the block/item <-> id mappings, which are being assigned on a per-save basis. It'd be much harder to adjust the chunks instead.

    BC's blueprints may be also worth a thought for the coarse structure, unfortunately they aren't widely supported yet, including IC2 blocks.