GregTech 5 texture questions

  • A few weeks ago, I started slowly contributing to the BDCraft texture patch for GregTech (…es-rel/gregtech-t170.html). However, I have encountered some textures I'm confused about:
    1. Electric Pumps, Emitters - I don't understand how the default textures are supposed to represent these items, so I don't really have a starting point for making higher-resolution textures (I made some emitter textures loosely based on radio towers, since the sensors are basically satellite dishes, but I'm not sure that was really appropriate)
    2. Autoclave - the BDCraft textures for this were added well before I started, but I don't understand why the most intricate texture (with the activity light) is set as the top (in the default textures, and the BDCraft textures did this as well, possibly without questioning it), when nearly all other machines have such textures as the front.
    3. (Edit) Pump - I haven't found where the textures for the pump machine (as opposed to the pump covers) are stored. (Edit #3: nvm, found them)
    4. (Edit #2) "colored_guis_when_painted" - do I need to do anything special with the texture pack to support this? (Edit #4: apparently not, I tried painting a machine using the existing BDCraft patch textures, and the color was applied to the gui)

  • It has been about 5 months. I take it nobody is able to answer these questions?

    Edit: additional question: what is the front texture of the rock breaker machine supposed to represent? I had come up with a texture of stone, cobblestone, and obsidian filling up, since that's what the machine makes, but then I discovered that in GT 5.09 the Charcoal Pile Igniter uses the same texture files for the top, for which my texture was inappropriate.

    Edit #2: When I was looking at the source code for the Seismic Prospector, I noticed it also uses the Rock Breaker textures. Way to make things hard for texture pack makers, Blood Asp.

    Edit #3: tips to help me with other GT5 textures (especially if not already handled by the texture patch) are welcome as well.

  • You can look at this texture pack.
    It has quite nice textures fol almost all GT items. May be it will help you as example.

    Ideal Industrial Assembly (IIA) - my pretty hard industrial modpack based on GT5.09

    Идеальная Индустриальная Сборка (ИИС) - довольно сложный сугубо индустриальный модпак, базирующийся на GT5.09

  • For some textures, that will help me, and that's the first GregTech texture pack I've seen that actually retextures the electric pump items. However, it looks like it was made by applying something along the lines of a 2xSaI filter to the texture, which I've been unsuccessful at finding for GIMP or Photoshop CS2, and from what I've read, doesn't work beyond 2x scale. Also, it doesn't help me understand how those textures are supposed to represent an electric pump, which I'll need in order to be able to make some textures that look decent at 512x. Even if I just trace around an upscaled non-interpolated copy of the original texture and add some gradients and flood-fills, I need to know which corners to keep sharp and which can be somewhat rounded.