Mod List Advice

  • I know I start new worlds with different lists of mods more often than some players here, but I guess that's part of the fun of Minecraft for me. I have been playing with PFAA Geologica for a while, but some GregTech materials are actually harder to find when using it than when using GregTech's default worldgen, and I'm missing the overworld small ores.

    I've got a 32GB memory kit on the way (hoping it doesn't end up in Laurel, Mississippi instead :pinch: ), and I've switched to using mostly Soartex 64x textures (except for IC2 crops - I don't like what they did to the stickreed, melon, and pumpkin crop textures, so I've mixed in some Sphax textures for those), so I don't need to keep my mod list as short as when I was trying to use 128x and 256x textures. Once it gets here, I think I'll start a new world with some different mods. However, I haven't found a modpack I like - many of them include mods I'd prefer to avoid, like EnderIO or Doom Like Dungeons, but fail to include mods I want, like Control Pack and Mouse Tweaks. I also don't want to spend a lot of time building Minetweaker scripts to balance things - half an hour to an hour is okay, but not much longer than that. Also, I'm playing single-player in peaceful mode.

    Here's the list I'm considering this time:

    As usual, please let me know if there are significant balance or compatibility issues with those mods that I might not have noticed, or if there are other mods that might be worth adding. (existence of Soartex textures for a mod, or at least higher-than-16x textures that look good alongside Soartex textures is a plus)

  • You may want to add a mod called "Minecraft Forge" as well...

    I think of that as a platform for mods to run on, rather than being a mod itself (the same goes for LiteLoader), and since MultiMC has special buttons for installing Forge and LiteLoader, I didn't bother listing them. Don't worry, I haven't forgotten about installing Minecraft Forge. :D