Was the windmill damage bug fixed in 1.7?

  • A few months ago I made some ic2 windmills, and they mysteriously went from X damage to 100% again. I read somewhere that it was a bug, and was being looked into.

    Did it ever get fixed? Id test it in a world but I thought the last time that I used them they woudl appear to work correctly for quite awhile, and then randomly revert to 100% again.

  • You asked me about that in TeamSpeak.
    I told you, the fix is as simple as merging the Metadata-Damage to NBT instead of ItemStackDamage... Since ItemStackDamage is limited to 32k...

  • Thanks for answering, for now ill minetweak in a tougher rotor recipe to balance them out with solar panels. Personally I like things that break down. Redpower windmills compared to Immersive Engineering Windmills... ill take redpower, more interesting to not have something that runs infinitely. Passive generation should be very expensive, like how ic2 makes solar very costly.