Going back to play IC2

  • I'm kinda bored and i'm thinking to start playing IC2 again. Now, i've heard that the Enet has been fixed for minecraft versions 1.9+(machines blow up), and i'm wondering if basically 95% of my machines will explode. I don't have any transformers, i have upgraded all of my cables to gold(was going to write wire, but wires are exposed, and have no insulation), and i have an MFE. I'm guessing all of my cables are going to blow up, exept the ones that supply the MFE with power. But will all of my machines blow up too? As i said, i don't have any transformers, and mostly all machines that take a long time to process something have at least 4 overclockers.

    Oh, and, you should add IC2 ores to the background image.

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    All the cables will be fine, as gold is HV, as is the MFE output. All your machines that are tier 1 or 2 that don't have transformer upgrades and are connected will explode, no matter the power they might demand due to overclocking.

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    As Choco already said: The gold cables should be ok, since gold cables are tier 3 and so is the mfe. If cables melt, because of an improper power tier, that's not that bad, since they don't cause an explosion. They're just not there anymore. However all machines connected to the mfe, that are not tier 3 or that don't have transformer upgrades in to get to tier 3 will explode.
    Also make sure, that you use insulated cables. Otherwise, you'll get zapped, when energy flows through the cable.