Pump not pumping.

  • Every body I'm new to fourm and would like to say "Hi" (however I'm not new to Minecraft / mods)

    Mincraft 1.10.2

    I can't seem to get the pump to work. I am trying a stand alone setup. At first I was about 20 blocks above my lava source (wouldn't pump); so then I go to the source and lay the pump directly above the lava. Still not pumping. I have put a battery in the pump as well as empty bucket? Does it need more EU(power)? What am I doing wrong?

    Also is there a search feature on the forum?

  • The pump needs to be placed directly next to a lava/water/whatever fluid source block and it needs to be facing the fluid. To change the facing of the pump, you can use your wrench.

  • Also is there a search feature on the forum?

    There is in the top right, but it's not brilliant. Google often works just as well.

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  • Thanks guys for the reply.

    After I posted the pump question, I kept digging around and found the answer in one of the FAQ. My little factory is running pretty good smooth right now; fixing to go to tier 2 machines.