Suggestion: Hostile factory (and other) dungeons

  • This is an expansion on THIS

    When exploring, you may come across some unknown building, with solar panels, machines, and other things pulling at you curiosity. But when aproached, the doors are locked, and there is no way in ! [insert antonym of HAYO]
    Not to worry, you just craft the universall openall key, made from UU-Matter! This amazing device uses Matters property of being to turn into anything, to pick the look of those pesky factory doors (one time use) ! HAYO!
    [] :Matter: :Matter:
    [] :Matter: :Matter:
    [] :Matter: []
    Now you enter the factorry, and find that its abandoned! But the machines are still running! Including the Brand new, non craft able (but mineable :3):

    SCRMUnit (Self Contained Robot Manufacturing Unit)
    This evil device uses EU to produce robots! EVIL ROBOTS!Like:
    Electric Creeper: when explodes, damages you and temp short circets your electrical equipment! NO! (does not destroy blocks. blue particles)
    Robot rat: Created in swarms. move fast, but weak.

    takes DNA from non robot mobs, and recrates the!
    Rotten flesh=zombie
    ect. (Note: these cloned mobs WILL NOT DROP ANYTHING!)

    Once you get to the heart of these fatories, you will Get some awsome treasure! (or fight a boss)

    Diferent types of factories have different robots, experiments, and treasure!

    Factories ( big grey building)
    Under water dome (big underwater dome :rolleyes: )

    Factories will not be breakable untill core/boss is destroyed. will be shutdown switchs/ control rooms( to disable spawners/ force feild/ teslacoils/ drop tnt on your head/ect) :D

    will make Factory schematics/more ideas on request.

  • I kinda like the idea of an uber machine that you cant craft but find in some sort of dungeon.

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  • One problem i have with this is that it would be too easy to get high levels of technology for free as clearing them would yeald all machines in the factory plus generators plus the reward you were talking about. but if you balanced out it would be great. just my two cents

  • It would be balanced. probably no treasure untill boss was defeated, and cant go in on peaceful. might not even be regular machines, but i bet there would. I wonder if Vechs would make some schematiscs... :D

    Personally i really like the electric creeper.

  • BAD TROLL! GO BACK TO YOUR BRIDGE! JK. the factory would be INVINCIBLE (including floor and block under door) until main thing (boss, power core, ect.) was detroyed.