What mods should I use (or avoid using) with GT 5.10?

  • I find myself pining for GT5 large ore veins, as well as some of the more interesting components and machines it provides, but I don't want to go back to the 1.7.10 version. I had trouble with the changes to the plastic and rubber processing that were added between 5.08 and 5.09, but since I've taken a break from the mod, I might be able to deal with them now. I know there's GT 5.10, but some of the mods commonly used with GT 5 haven't updated to MC 1.10.2 (or are still in early alpha for that version, and thus are hardly worth using, such as Railcraft, which doesn't include the large tanks or any of the machines), and I'd be surprised if there are any modpacks for MC 1.10.2 yet that include GT 5.10.

    So far, I'm looking at using the following mods:

    Are there any mods others can suggest adding, or mods I should avoid due to compatibility issues or being overpowered compared to GregTech?

  • Update: I was looking at usages of iron plates in JEI, so I could come up with a non-conflicting custom recipe for the iron trapdoor (which doesn't exist in 1.7.10, so GT doesn't change the recipe yet), and I'm finding some really bizarre usages of them, in place of more valuable items (e.g. in place of the advanced circuit in the recipe for the MFSU). However, this might only be an issue with the custom build of GT 5.10 I made, so I will see if it still happens with the semi-official build from Blood Asp's thread, and file a bug if it does.

    Edit: it happens in Blood Asp's GT 5.10 build as well. Writing up bug now.

  • When I shifted from GT 6 to GT 5U, I initially went with 5.10 because I wanted to play 1.10.2 again, and I loaded up a few additional mods like Railcraft. The result was unplayable due to single-player lag. I'd whack a tree and move to collect the wood, and abruptly the tree would revert to undamaged. I'm not sure if that was GT 5.10 or the very early nature of Railcraft's support for 1.10.2.

    I could have spent some effort trying to isolate precisely what combination was the problem, but I was also seeing some other odd glitches with flint tools, like not displaying remaining durability, so I decided it was best to accept being forced back to 1.7.10.

  • Thanks for finally providing a reply to this thread, but I already went back to 5.08 a few days ago. (with a custom build for myself to address https://github.com/Blood-Asp/GT5-Unofficial/issues/718)

    Railcraft for 1.10.2 without GregTech in the mix had no such trouble (though it had a weird "spectral chest cart" thing that produced outlines I could see through solid rock even after removing the mod - see https://github.com/CovertJaguar/Railcraft/issues/956), and I got lag like that with my list above that didn't include Railcraft. On the other hand, with none of the machines (such as boilers or tanks) re-added, I'm not sure the 1.10.2 version of Railcraft is worth using yet.