Server: Moderncraft [IndustrialCraft² + RedPower2]

  • How comes I'm not whitelisted. Either Feanturi forgot to import the old whitelist or he didn't want us to disturb him, while hopefully trying importing the city. :whistling:
    If it absolutely doesn't work to import the city to new map, We could start a completely new map without city, but with every item out of our chests...
    We could also remove Buildcraft and continue playing on the old map....

  • we don't have to have oil even if we start a new map oil won't last long and everyone will be using steam / redstone powered engines

    if we start a new map i'll just build another tower and get slowly get back to where i was, either way i don't mind if we keep old map or a complete fresh start

  • Hello,
    I would like to be whitelisted on your server (my ingame name is: Kinkead). I have enjoyed using ic and buildcraft in single player and I would like to play it with others and learn how to use it better. I have never griefed before and I enjoy taking part in communal projects. Please let me know either way if I will be whitelisted or not.

  • Hello. I hope you all enjoy a good IC2 server. I wish I could join in too.
    My name is Trepach and I would like to find some new friends here.
    My IGN is Trepach;
    I'm playing Minecraft since 1.2 v.;
    I have not been banned anywhere;
    I like to follow rules and instructions;
    I like to learn more things and educate others;
    I like to construct complicated engineery things;
    I like to mine my own materials;
    I like to build in combine.
    I hope this server is proper for me and I fit in easily.
    Thanks in advance

  • Could I get whitelisted again?
    IGN: aragin

    We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop.

  • Hey Fean sorry i havent been on Much lately. (Ive only had like 2 hours each day to get school work and chores done as i was involved in a musical production. But its done now so if you could re whitelist me that would be awesome!



  • This is my application, please add me to the white list.
    I hate trolls, and have left several servers because of them.
    I like to build things as a group and have been known to stay up all night just to help out with big projects.
    I have been playing industrial craft for several weeks now and have made a pretty advanced world.
    I am friendly and would never dream of griefing or stealing.

    In game name: flappybob
    forums name: flappybob(obviously)
    Yes, everything is flappybob.

    Thanks, yall