Server: Moderncraft [IndustrialCraft² + RedPower2]

  • hey fean, i saw a silver dust in the ic things. There are no silver in ic.

    with that, i understand that red-power is now supported by ic.

    so, red-power coper/tin/bronze/brass are now compatible with ic or they are still completely different ores?

  • it appears the server killed my connection for what ever reason...i get the internal exception connection reset thing....any chance someone could tell me how to fix this

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  • Hey ace,
    this post is heavy outdated. For the recent stats you got to go to its ow forum (the link is in the fist post...)

    This server is allways one of the fist ones to get updated when a new ic come out.

    • Official Post

    Think that most of you saw that is down/offline.
    Seems my server was closed >.>

    And this is just another reason for me to say:
    Was a nice time with you guys, but i'll close the server for the moment... :/ Maybe i will start it again...somewhen...

    I just haven't enough time to administrate all the IC related pages + some forums and modern-craft-stuff :/

  • Thnx for the server mate

    Shame you couldn't keep it goin was a decent server
    let me know if u manage to get another 1 up and running in the future

  • So i'm kind a contacting :)

    may i write my Application here as i saw server was online, i'm am not some nolifer but i'd like to play with others not alone or stuff, know advanced redstone usage and logic, played industrial craft since there were luminators way powerful than tesla coils :) well i wont play every day and how i want to start is just to help others do some cores like grinding, drilling, building, for little payment of course, so i could buy electricity and other machines 'cause i crafted everything for me till neck, i mean i better buy stuff than craft it again from scratch, but what ca u know... i'm kind more like economy player. so, hope i can get whitelisted through here. thanks in advance.
    BTW i'm very social able and love building realistic stuff like global power network where ppl buy power from 1 power plant and so on..
    IGN: Oggylt


    ...its not like i have an idea on how Alblaka mind works...

    It has tiny stupid what below?... A RATING SYSTEM! here goes my face :Advanced Furnace: cmon it is even transparent you can't be serious.