simpler gregtech?

  • so I have been experimenting with gregtech 5 unofficial (1.10.2) recently, but I find it way to complex and tedious. I have also tried techReborn, but it seems unfinished.

    So pretty much, I really like the concept of adding a lot of high tier stuff after IC2's end game. But I dont like how much gregtech changes. I have looked into config adjustment, but there is still no good way to make it so it has vanilla like ore generation, and not a rediculous amount of ores. I also find the fact that theres 10 tiers for every machine kind of overwhelming.

    so pretty much what I want is a lighter version of gregtech, aimed at extending IC2's end game rather than completely redoing vanilla minecraft. some Ideas I had for this include:
    -much fewer ores that get generated like they do in vanilla, and only get generated in normal stone.
    -no changes to vanilla recipies or IC2 recipies, and use Ic2 difficulty level recipies
    -Use ic2's cables with only adding cables for higher energy tiers
    -use the old IC2 energy net, with packets and no current stuff.
    -have all the types of machines that gregtech has, but using the IC2 machines for macerators, powered furnaces and other vanilla IC2 machines
    -have all the super end game multiblocks like fusion reactors
    -have pipes for items and liquids, but a much simpler version with only a few types of each
    -not be intrusive on other mods recipies

  • ya good luck with that! where are you getting all your elements from if there is less ores in the world? Gregtech veins are really nice, once you fine one you are set for a long time! Gregtech has almost always messed with vanilla and other mods stuff, since like GT3, so they would balance more with Gregtech. Honestly you sound like I did when I first started Gregtech 4 a few years ago, and now I wont play much minecraft without GT and try to talk greg into making things harder for a realistic felling.

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    where are you getting all your elements from if there is less ores in the world?

    The idea probably is you don't need all your elements if the recipes are all much simpler to match more with IC2.

    Starting with what GT5U is bringing too is a whole lot worse than starting with GT4, you have to get into GT a lot earlier and everything is generally much more drawn out and complicated than GT4 was. For all the people that get into playing with GT there'll be many more that won't ever try again (not that that's necessarily a bad thing from what the goal of GT is).

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