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  • Alright bad news about the 1ghz switch I went to order it and the price is 160 for what we need can not find it cheaper it's a dlink 1024 switch with built in 512mb of ram should make a huge difference but puts us only 80 away from it instead of 10 but still really close slightly better then half way there.

  • if it was on sale it will be agian eventually if we dont absolutely need it and dont runinto issues id say we hold off for a bit even if we get the donations id rather have 50 dollars twoards the next upgrade over just one upgrade

  • Indeed it would be nice, however if it isn't a serious necessity then I'm sure we can live by for now. As it is the server appears to be running fairly decent with only an occasional crash so thats all good

  • Hi i am quite experienced with BC and IC2 and have been looking for a good server for a while now. Can i join?

    IGN: jallen3000

  • Right now when we are under 15 users the traffic on the switch stays at around 900 we reach the lint at 1000 with the new switch we can reach the limit of the Internet which would allow for no packet latency when 16+ users on since the new switch could handle 10x the packets and with its onboard QoS system and 512mb of ram Internet traffic and packet handling would more then triple in speed... It would make a huge difference more then I can begin to explain but we currently are running great but I just have a goal for improvement. To make this server the best it can be... In 12 months and considerable cost the system is a powerhouse only held back by its network. I recently invested in a server grade hard drive and video card (more to remove pressure on the ram and free up the processor) para has paid for much of the software and some of the equipment to build this monster and donations have paid for ram and cable modem and of course the processor and cooling system and a nice GigaExtreme NIC card. The switcher is expensive infact a little more then the cost of the commercial hard drive but it is the goal a 1024 dlink switcher is my dream, however I did not think we would be this close bu now but only 60 more to go thanks to promack and mason... Thanks guys

  • Hey Lev, just a question. Can you dum all that down for me? I don't exactly know what all that means. Does it mean faster with more players basically?

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  • Hey Lev, Avatar said you where thinking about adding some mods. I was gona suggest IC-BC crossover(yes I saw the poll and voted), EE2,Vehicles,Railcraft,Force Field,ComputerCraft(Awsome locked does with passwords),Logistics pipes,wireless redstone,turret mod(hate those creepers),portal gun. If you want any links or any info on them please let me know as I have been playing with them for a long time. And yes I know some of them are not quite ported yet. After seeing your underwater city I thought of force field.

  • ^ :O that's alot of mods... I do love most of them though.

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  • Thanks to walmarts generous donation of $50 and nitro 10 this morning wow thank you all so much for the quick donations to get this done. we reached our goal way quicker then I thought we are getting a switch. Ordered It just now so next week! Also yes a warning charter is still working on my lines right now they are running a new trunk line from the node to its connecting node.

  • So what is the long term vision for this server as far as hosting? Are you eventually going to colo host it or something? Joe's Data Center and Volumedrive seem like good ones. I'm just concerned because I know that the highest tier on Charter is only 5 Megabit/Sec upload. We are going to be hitting a wall here pretty soon on concurrent players if that's not what we are hitting already that's causing the crashes.

    I used to host a server on Amazon EC2 and I was seeing bandwidth spike up to 15 megabits with just 4 people online. With the 20 or so people online we sometimes have on this server it's no wonder we have lag spikes.

    Do you have a special deal with charter or something to have a larger uplink speed? I'm just doubting that a 1000mbit switch is going to make a difference with a 5mbit connection.

    I'm just trying to offer up my opinion. I really want this server to be as successful as possible. We really have a great group of players, admins, etc.