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  • Noezes! Also phaser dont be mad if you place looks blown up because your roof is unfinished when it could be.....

  • IGN: Skullreaper457


    me and my brother are looking for idustrial craft server to survive and mess around with it

    we dont greif and we are not banned from any servers

  • Hi

    IGN kb3ugf
    i have a good bit of experience with ic,ic2 and buildcraft

    im bored with the single player concept and i am looking for a server this on seemed very nice so
    i have never griefed a server and do not plan to

  • (This is a double app)

    IGN: Kamilio, Iggy100

    I'm just looking for a nice server to play IC2 with my friend Iggy100. We've been playing minecraft since Alpha and we've been on countless # of servers. We haven't played IC2 yet, but we have played IC1 a little, and were pretty much familiar with the basics.

  • IGN: Sgtchuckle117
    Previous History: I have never played on an IC server before, and I usually like servers that aren't tiny, but not the biggest thing out there. *coughInustrialRagecough* This seemed perfect. Also, I hate griefers. So you don't have to worry about that from me.

  • does anyone know why i can't log in?
    edit: i came across a house with a blue roof and some buildng along with it
    is that chunk broken? :Nuke TNT:

  • Part 1
    [edit] Survival Multiplayer (SMP)

    [edit] Server Crashes
    Players dying and dropping large numbers of Xp/Orbs causes severe lag and can crash a server. There have been several reports indicating that the world was corrupted by this crash and the world is now unrecoverable.
    If the server is still a little bit responsive one can try to collect the dropped orbs. preferably with one client alone on the server. the more orbs recollected, the more will the server recover. It can take quite a long time to collect all the orbs (10 minutes in one case)
    Exploring new chunks on a server can cause severe lag, possibly crashing the server.
    Attempting to connect to a 1.7.3 server with a 1.8 client, can crash the 1.7.3 server.
    If a player is killed by an arrow from a dispenser, the server will crash with a NullPointerException.
    [edit] General
    If a player has respawned, he can place blocks on the block he is currently standing on. This will not decrease the block count in his inventory, effectively cloning blocks. This bug only occurs with non-opped players.
    Full server world saves do not reliably save the entire world. This can be proven on a single person private server with whitelisting enabled when attempting to do a full server save via:
    Disabling incremental level saving with 'save-off' on on Minecraft console.
    Forcing a full save to disk with 'save-all' on on Minecraft console.
    Archiving and saving the archived world with 'tar -xvzf save.tg world' or '7z a backup.7z worldfolder/' on shell in secondary system console.
    Turning back on incremental level saving by doing a 'save-on' on Minecraft console.
    Enormous, cuboid areas (usually one or two chunks) of unfinished map open in random places. Caves, minerals, water, lava and mobs are visible when a Player peers into one of these voids. These areas cannot be walked on, causing a "[user] moved wrongly!" message to appear in the Server; however, players can ride minecarts through them with relative ease. Players can, however, walk "into" one of these voids (if it appears in front of him/her) resulting in the player falling repeatedly until the map renders itself. If the void appears in the middle of water, Players can "float" over the void using a boat. Placing a torch next to one of these "void holes", dumping lava or water nearby, or disconnecting and reconnecting to the server will make the land inside of them reappear. These have become significantly less common since the 1.3 update.
    Occasionally, the level.dat file is re-written, causing Minecraft to generate a new spawn. Also occurs in SSP.
    Some Ambience sounds do not play in SMP.
    The world data and the inventory of a player are not saved synchronously. If a player puts an item in a chest and the server crashes, the item will be both in the chest and the inventory of the player (duplicated).
    Some players have issues where they can send information to a server fine, but have large amounts of lag when receiving information from the server. This results in SMP being unplayable for players who experience this bug.
    Sometimes the client is slightly off on the position of other players, causing them to consistently appear slightly off of their actual position. This can cause players to appear to be inside floors or walls.
    When collecting a block/item on the ground, the icon in the inventory's hotbar does not distort for a short time.
    Thrown snowballs, eggs and fishing rods have no effect on players, only on mobs.
    Sometimes when connecting to an SMP server, an 'End of stream' message or 'Bad login' message appears. After this message appears, the Minecraft client may need to be restarted or left alone for roughly 5 to 10 minutes before it will work.
    Notably with Sand, the sand may continue to hover in the air after being mined out and continue to bob up and down. Placing a block in the spot does NOT override this. Items have the same behavior, but they can be picked up when standing above the affected area.
    Occasionally players will become invisible to each other at random times for no particular reason and will subsequently reappear just as randomly. Players may still interact with each other (damaging each other, mining terrain, etc.) but will be invisible. An entertaining video example
    If you disconnect while you are falling, you will not take fall damage, after you reconnect. The same applies for any form of damage. This is due to the 3 second invincibility period after respawning/logging in.
    When connecting to a server, the player's disconnect position may be changed or rounded.[53] This can result in the player position moving vertically to the closest 1x1x2 open space directly above the rounded coordinates.
    Deaths or Player kills are not recorded in the statistics when the player dies.
    People are sometimes unable to talk on chat in every single server.[54][55]
    Blocks regenerate during a lag, so players can suffocate in them.
    If the server side does not have large bandwidth(ie. 100 Mbps) the clients can experience severe lag for about a minute and then get automatically disconnected show a error on server side "disconnect.overflow". Possibly due to sending small packets at a extremely rapid rate overwhelming the client
    -- 13:37, 14 September 2011 (UTC)
    Server incorrectly reports "Failed to load ip ban list" when started with a missing ops.txt file.[56]
    When you died and wait for a while, the server will say: [user] lost connection: disconnect.genericReason. If that occurs, if you click on respawn, you will see an End of stream error and makes you disconnect from the server you were playing in.

  • When you died and wait for a while, the server will say: [user] lost connection: disconnect.genericReason. If that occurs, if you click on respawn, you will see an End of stream error and makes you disconnect from the server you were playing in.
    When whitelist is Enabled on the server you will get "Communication error" in the server list, this applies even if the user is White listed.
    Player spawn location seems to be erratic.
    Chests are being rotated visually leaving a see through block. [14]
    Chests are black and unlighted until opened. [15]
    Chests are being rotated 180 degrees to face away from the player when before they faced the player. [16]
    Chests will sometimes remain open when no one is using them.
    Spawn points can be generated at the bottom of deep ocean biomes,sometimes deep enough to keep drowning players not in creative or unable to teleport leaving them in a death loop.
    [edit] Achievements
    Some Achievements may not show up when you get them. (Which?)
    [edit] Arrows
    A heavy arrow deathmatch causes severe lag on the server, takes minutes to recover. (picking up the arrows helps)
    Seconds after an arrow lands on a block, it will "teleport" on top of the block.
    Arrows do not deal a critical hit even when fully drawn.
    [edit] Beds
    Sometimes when a player is sleeping and other player walks on that sleeping player the sleeping player will fall through the bed and the floor.
    Trying to get into bed while sneaking disconnects the player(Illegal Stance).
    If someone uses their bed in SMP, other players may get disconnected(Unrecognizable Packet ID: 17).
    Attempting to hoe under a bed that would experience the monster spawning error would kick the player that used the hoe (illegal stance).
    When right-clicking on a bed constantly before it is nightfall, the server may register that the player enters the bed, while the client believes the player is still not in the bed, causing the error message, "This bed is occupied," even when it appears there is no player inside. Other players will see the affected player moving around while he is in a sleeping pose.
    The above "this bed is occupied" glitch sometimes also seems to occur if a player tries to enter a bed mid-jump.
    If you try sleeping in a bed on SMP server while standing on it, it will start giving message "This bed is occupied" and you will be allowed to freely walk, but you will be really sleeping. Players will see you move but you will be lying down. You cannot trigger pressure plates while "sleepwalking", nor pick up items.
    A right-hinged door (when looking from the outside) will act as though there is no door present and as a result, you will be attacked while trying to go to sleep.
    When a player goes to sleep in bed between the trunks, it is shifted.
    In some cases, even when there is a block protection on a bed, you are still able to destroy someone's bed by first destroying the lower part, and after that the upper part. Please note that this is not the case on some servers, because of 0% lag.
    In SMP if you sleep in a bed someone else placed, a monster will spawn next to the bed of any one random person who is in bed. This can be fixed by breaking and replacing the bed.
    Sometimes when using Craftbukkit servers when sleeping when you wake up you glitch and you appear to be glitching up and down above the bed
    [edit] Boats
    If you ride a boat over a chunk of water which did not load properly ( ex. the water is really there, but you can't see it and can see through the whole world ), the boat disappears.
    Standing on a boat causes jittering of the player, similar to the old fence bug.
    When a Boat gets damaged (by a player), it does not shake.
    If you see a player riding in a boat, it sometimes looks like they are running in the boat, rather than sitting.
    If you exit a boat, you may get stuck standing on top of the boat, constantly falling and being reset by the server. This is similar to how fences used to act. You can get off the boat by getting out while it is moving, as the boat will slide out from under you and eventually allow you to fall into the water.
    This may kick you from the server with message "flying not allowed"
    The boat turns in intervals of about 10-20 degrees, making turning extremely difficult in tight spaces. In between intervals of turning, holding left or right will cause the boat to strafe left or right, respectively.
    [edit] Cactus
    1 block high cacti do not always appear, causing invisible blocks of pain. The outline of the cacti cannot be seen, so it is not a rendering issue. Destroying the block underneath the cactus causes the cactus to drop. Disconnecting and reconnecting forces the cactus to appear.[57]
    Sometimes only the topmost block of cacti show, making them float. walking beneath them is possible, but it causes pain to the player.
    [edit] Compass
    When spawning or crafting a compass in SMP it does not take you to your spawn, it creates a totally different 'north'.[58]
    [edit] Detector Rail
    When placed immediately next to a track switch, will crash the server. [!!]
    [edit] Farmland
    Flying low over tilled farmland will sometimes revert it back to a regular dirt block requiring you to re-till it. Basically it acts like you are walking on it.

    [edit] Furnaces
    Furnaces stop smelting items during a severe lag.
    Furnaces occasionally turn to another direction after being placed. Appears to be random.
    [edit] Food
    When a player eats, their hunger bar will go up by more points then it should (1.8.1)
    [edit] Jukeboxes
    Setting a jukebox on fire when it is playing a disc may cause the game to crash.
    [edit] Lightning
    If lightning strikes a painting, it causes a server exception and crashes the server. (Caused by net.minecraft.server.EntityPainting.damageEntity)
    [edit] Maps

    Multiple arrows on map only facing one direction
    When multiple players are using the same map, the orientation of the arrow only represents the direction the current user is looking, not the player the arrow is representing. When the user of the map rotates, all the arrows rotate.
    When the server's view distance is set to a lower number (5) walking with a map may cause the server to lock up [citation needed]. Setting the view distance back to the default of 10 fixes this.
    If a player moves too quickly horizontally while holding a map (usually from flying or teleporting), chunks will stop loading for that player and possibly other players, eventually kicking them off of the server due to timing out. The kicked players will not be able to log back into the server until it's restarted, despite there being no such problem for other players.
    Some users have reported their maps becoming glitched and do not display properly if they relog with the map in their inventory. Giving the map to another player and having them give it back or putting the map in a chest and taking it out again seems to fix this until they log off again.
    Creating a map with shift-clicking on it creates map_0 and not a new map [possibly intended]
    [edit] Mob Spawner
    If a mob spawner is destroyed while in Creative Mode the fire effect will remain even if another block is placed and destroyed at its location.
    When a sign is placed at the destroyed mob spawners location it will cause the game to crash.
    [edit] Minecarts
    Engines consume coal but do not move under their own power, making them useless.
    Empty/Storage Minecarts start to behave strangely when they are too far away from the Player. They disappear completely, disappear until Players disconnect and reconnect, or suddenly stop on tracks despite having sufficient momentum.
    Minecarts load before terrain sometimes causing them to be invisible until they are interacted with. Large transit systems and door water boosters are examples of when the issue occurs. (log out/in to reproduce).

    Could keep going but you get the point.