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  • right sounds good thx for the update however im debating wether to join back up or to grab minor amounts of resources and start a new house (i tend to like starting over) somehow its more enjoyable

    wo wo wo Amaro you cant we have spent time build up the base and it would be the same without you.
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    Had to revert the server...Chunk Loader, killedthe server they have no been removed, they curropted against, MV transformers

    @lev maybe it’s just because I was out of the server when this happened. Only 2/3 of that message made sense to me. I’m sure you were probably in a hurry to get back to playing Skyrim however what in the world does "they corrupted against, MV transformers mean???" some clarification please because it sounds like your alluding to a bug that exists between the two.
    @ everyone USE COMMON SENSE if you don’t know what you’re doing read the forum/wiki for the mod in question. If that fails you should ask people online if they know what’s going on and if that still fails you might consider waiting until you do find out what you should be doing. None of us want to have annoying rules like 1chunkolader per person etc. that would get tiring, and most of the issues are caused by user error.

  • Man i sware its been problem after problem with modding for me i was doing ok with minor crashing but now i think ive found the wierdest problem yet i log in and like 1 sec later i get a Blue screen then Black screen :\ i sware......>.>

    E: well i guess il just wait for IC to be updated for 1.0.0 >.> dont realy have any other choice

  • attention trubble star you do not have the files neaded to play on this server installed fix ur files
    kidladdy you too dont have files in right or dont have any at all

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  • What happened? Lag spike and then: BOOM! Server crash.

    PS: that Boom is not an actual :Nuke TNT:

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  • Ran both a trace route and ping test and I'm not seeing any connectivity issues, I'm guessing either the system froze or is experiencing a high cpu load.

  • ok have computer back

    cant get the new advanced machines link to work (when i use the files in mod folder the server wont recognies that the mod is instaled)

    help plz going to eat but will be back shortly

  • for some reason this error is poping up java.lang .ClassNotFoundExecption: buildcraft.energy.PneumaticPowerFramework

    u poked me but i poked back
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  • Again same story, connectivity seems stable yet pretty much nothing will load when you log in. Probably CPU or HD load related, but I can only guess from this perspective.