All my wires and machines became disconnected from each other after a server restart

  • After I recently restarted my server, I logged back in and saw that all of my Industrialcraft cables had become separated from each other, across my entire base.

    This is the second time I've observed this issue. I'm using the Infinity Lite modpack, version 1.7.0 on Minecraft version 1.10.2, which uses Industrialcraft Version 2-2.6.142.

    If there's a more recent version of Industrialcraft that fixes this issue, I'm happy to manually update the version I'm using in my local copy of the modpack, but based on my survey of the Jenkins Build , I don't see any fixes related to this issue.

    If you have any workarounds I can use, please let me know, as I'm currently in the process of completely replacing every single wire and machine in my (relatively large!) facility, which includes a large number of well-organized Sorting Machines, all of which will need to be reconfigured. (the ability to "save the state" of Sorting Machines would be an excellent addition, FYI!)

  • It's a known bug, being worked on.

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  • Checking in to report that I've had the issue occur on my 1.11.2 instance. Putting chunkloaders in the area prevents it from happening.

    Also, I'm running my game on a Standalone private server, not sure if that affects your testing/bug-fixing or not.

    IC 2.7.81-EX111, Forge 2386.