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  • Bukkit should be added in the very near future. This will include griefer protection, individual area protection, a spleef arena (google it), iConomy, mcMMO (an RPG system), a trade shop where players can buy and sell goods, etc etc etc.

    I've also got some other interesting plans for the future of the server. Stay tuned!

    Get in before Bukkit comes out for a little reward/surprise. (Reward once we have our permanent world and Bukkit in place)

  • Our beta server is up and running and being tested by a few select members.

    Things are moving quickly toward the new and permanent home of InventionCraft!

    Coming soon: Building Contests! These will include mod specific contests and overall building contests. Prizes will be awarded along with winning screen shots posted on the website!

  • IGN: inoneday
    Age: 17
    PlayTime: approx. 1-3 hours per day.

    i would really like to join a whitelisted indutrial craft because i am continually being griefed on a non-whitelisted server i play on. I am still learning the aspects of industrial craft but I am no hermit and am willing to help other players get minerals and needed materials.

  • Shouldn't we stop whitelisting by now? If we're 60 it would be hard to recognize griefers since we don't know everyone in the server.

    Add-on suggestion: Thermometer for the nuclear reactor

  • Shouldn't we stop whitelisting by now? If we're 60 it would be hard to recognize griefers since we don't know everyone in the server.

    Add-on suggestion: Thermometer for the nuclear reactor

    I'm not sure I understand why it matters to you if we're whitelisting or not?

    Regardless, the whitelist is in place until we have Bukkit running. Mainly because, a lot of people who plan to do nothing but log on to a server, grief, and then next come back, won't take the time to fill out an app and wait to be whitelisted.

    I realize that doesn't apply to everyone and we still have had a bit of griefing, but it does eliminate a large number of potential griefers.

    (Also, I check the inventioncraft forums much more often than here if you ever have a pressing issue)

  • We have moved to our permanent world now!

    Also, the server is now protected by Bukkit. This includes numerous plugins to protect against greifers, chest locking, and we will be adding more plugins soon!

    Please check our site, www.inventioncraft.com and the forums, www.inventioncraft.com/forum for the most up to date information.

    The whitelist has been removed, but as an unregistered member you can simply walk around the server. You can't modify anything. You'll need to fill out the application to become a member (still free).

  • IGN: Dark_Prince946
    How often I play?
    2 hours on Monday
    3 hours on Tuesday
    0 hours on Wednesday
    5 hours on Thursday
    4 hours on Friday
    12 hours on Saturday
    11 hours hours on Sunday

  • you have 65+ members and only 20 slots? doesnt seem too good if you can barely get on :( just a suggestion

    You do realize that by some simple math... Even if there are 80 members... How many play for more than 6 hours a day? If less than 6 hours per day, that would be less than 1/4 of the day.... so if every member plays less than 1/4 of the day... that's averaging less than 20 members at all times.

    You really think 65+ are trying to play all the time?

  • Realgangstas and risa have been added to Build Rights.

    Potential new members -- Please post your app in the InventionCraft forums. I don't check here often.

  • IGN: c0r3_JG1986
    Age: 25
    Realgangsta knows me as a helpful guy :>
    times I will be playing, far too much, at least a few hours a day!

  • Why was i banned and also put on a ban list.
    No offence to you but some of the members were be assholes to me.
    I didnt grief no claim that i could hack.
    I commented that Notch had left loads of secrurity holes in creative.
    I have no problem with you banning me but putting me on a ban list, i would like to sort this out asap.