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  • First off, I'd like to say, apparently you were TROLLING us about the stuff at our capital. Blah blah blah, troll troll troll us more about our capital. And then you took it too far. You went to my base....after I said not to. You took it too far, so I decided to kill you. Lastly, you kept trolling and trolling...so Mens banned you. And don't say you aren't coming back, Mens said you were trying to proxy already! Quite sad...he was on some random account it was like nkchwaren or something.... And he'll probably try to join red next time also. :P

    I was super busy, not in the mood to get trolled. You cut my line on a perfectly fine day and bang, you get the result. Anger and hate toward the troll.

    Beware of Shadowhunter12, the Troll.

  • Let me make one thing clear, my intentions were never to troll you or any part of the blue team. I am not the type of person who does things like that to people that i know as well as the ones on the server. And to clarify, the account im currently using is a temporary situation, I have had no end of trouble with mojang involving my main minecraft account, the struggle has been going off and on for months. And the proxy was in a large part so the red team would not instantly recognize me and therefore allow me to scout the map without being hunted. I do admit my list of complaints may have been a bit much, but I was doing it in the hope if I made them well enough known some effort would be diverted to fix them. I also admit my technique was unorthodox and not very well though through, ill give you that. Still, what I did was barely deserving of the condescending, rude, and arrogant tone you displayed to me. You used to be a kind, helping, and in general a good spirited person who i enjoyed seeing on the server. I am still in disbelief in the complete turnaround your demeanor has made, it is as if your new position in the ranks has gotten to your head. No offense but you acted just like a brat child with rich parents when you were talking to me. Don't become that kind of person.

  • Shadow there was nothing at all surprising to me or anyone else who was on about mke's reaction to you. People can only put up with so much crap before they snap, and you seemed to be trying to push him so I understand his response completely. Ndel even used the /ignore command on you. You didn't just complain a little, or a lot, you complained non-stop. Literally from the very moment you asked to join blue and they accepted you, you were complaining. No, from the very moment you got on the server you were complaining. Excuse us for interpreting that as trollish behavior, but people just do not act that way on any consistent basis unless they are meaning to rile others up or dont like them / dont want to be around them.

    Also, poor behavior goes beyond the scope of cussing or being vulgar/making direct personal attacks. There are more than several ways to use words to agitate and anger people and whether you realize it or not that is exactly what you were doing. Worse yet its what you have ALWAYS done, so I cant even tell people you were having a bad day or some other excuse.

    And you sure do have a lot of freinds with minecraft accounts that are willing to give you total control over them, cause nkchwarren was your third (at minimum) iteration. Each time you have tried to decieve people about who you are.

  • Ok, I screwed up. I see that now. I see some of things ive done were wrong and i regret them. I haven't exactly been having a easy going life lately and ive been venting it off where I shouldn't. Ive been having to deal with some messed up stuff that I prefer not to mention. Anyways, I would like to take this chance to offer my sincere apology for all the trouble or frustration I have caused for anyone, regardless if it does any good for me. All I ask is for you to accept my apology, the rest I will leave completely up to you. Deal with this how you think works best.

  • Quote

    Quoted from "RichardG"

    After revisiting this (quite old) thread, I decided: I'll add a config option for disabling scrap burning in a generator, just so people can stop editing classes or doing nasty hacks such as preventing lava from flowing. Scrap will still work on furnaces and iron furnaces though.

    The option will be in the 1.2.5 version.

    You're post actually helped cause this so we can finally have cobble generators for actual purposes besides energy now.

  • Hey Cresent, Hows Ashley Doing? ^^

    Thats my intro, Mistic dont be mad, me and Cresent are tight lol (should of seen what we did this weekend :3) You dont need to stress out over it, i couldnt move this whole weekend anyways since people dont know how to pex users into vet or whatever so Derp face on that.

  • /pex user [players name] group add bluevet/redvet

    If you use group set instead of group add you will break everything, doom the world, set loose evil HFT algos, etc.

    Also, I will be marketing the "Minecraft hardcore challange pack" [MHCP] soon. Contained therein is a copy of Minecraft, a hammer, and a steel impact plate. It's use is simple: if ever you feel Minecraft is lacking difficulty place your hands* on the steel impact plate and proceed to smash your fingers into burger with the hammer. This will make minecraft considerably more difficult as you struggle to manuever your mangled hands over various keys and buttons. For an added challange turn said hammer on your face and smash your eyesockets. Even the most adept player will have difficulty clicking on blocks without the benefits of vision or motor controls. MHCP is being endorsed by note worthy personalities such as Steve McQueen, John Wayne, and "Macho Man" Randy Savage.

    *Already smashed one hand and now you can't grip the hammer to crush the other? Never fear, loners! We will be offering rehabilitated GM™ robots programmed for finger smashing in the event that you don't have physical contact with other humans!

  • Hey Cresent, Hows Ashley Doing? ^^

    Thats my intro, Mistic dont be mad, me and Cresent are tight lol (should of seen what we did this weekend :3) You dont need to stress out over it, i couldnt move this whole weekend anyways since people dont know how to pex users into vet or whatever so Derp face on that.

    I want to make something very clear, MrCoolDude. After your little fiasco, you're no longer one of our reps.

    Current Blue Reps: mkeness, ndelmnco, tacorifick, xXCresentXx

    iXiPulseiXi has been demoted for inactivity. This will be reconsidered if he shows himself to be an active player on the server again.

  • Alrighty, ill be gone for a couple weeks then until you guys calm down ^^

    I am calm. I've been calm throughout this whole incident of yours. I don't care that you and Cresent are buds. That doesn't mean you get off scot-free when you're using his account against his intentions. You just decided that you would blatantly ignore me when I tried to question you about it.

    Pretty much what happened, though I forget what exactly CoolDude said.


    ME: CoolDude, I want an explanation. Why have you been using Cresent's account?
    COOLDUDE: How about them narwhals?!
    ME: This isn't a joke. You will either explain yourself or be banned for abusing someone else's account.
    COOLDUDE: How about them canucks?!
    ME: /ban MrCoolDude Abusing Cresent's account


    xXCresentXx has logged in.
    CRESENT (But really CoolDude): How about them (I don't even remember it was so crappy)?!
    ME: /ban xXCresentXx


    mrcooldoud has logged in.
    doud (COOLDUDE): How about them (whatshamawhosit)s?!
    ME: /ban mrcooldoud Quit letting CoolDude use your account.

    For future reference, MrCoolDude, abusing another team member's account and then pissing me off rather than explaining yourself is a pretty good way to get yourself a ban. You're lucky Mensrea's merciful.

  • Me no play until u stop ur little stupid fights, u look like 14 year girls at my school that are always fighting and 2 mins later are kissing each other...

  • problemo had him on text, he was talking to us while i was doing it, he knew

    Do you mean problemlow?

    And I know that he was aware. I also know that he was away on vacation and unable to do anything about it. You aren't allowed to use any account but your own. You aren't allowed to evade questioning.