Looking for feedback on my IC2 based pack.

  • If anyone is interested in trying this out, I would appreciate any feedback people have on it.


    Here are some key elements:

    • Ore gen is completely unique, has some ores near bedrock and uses Railcraft cloud ore gen. Poor ores can be processed into normal ores.
    • Water is finite in non 'wet' biomes. Oceans and rivers and lake biomes will work as normal, tiny pools, ponds, etc. will be finite. promotes water resource management without being ridiculous (draining half an ocean to cool machines...)
    • Goal is to change every mod to use IC2 based recipes. So far have EIO, parts of forestry, Immersive Engineering all use IC2 recipes. This cuts down on clutter in chests, less crafting, and promotes automation. If every mod needs IC2 circuits, you have a reason to automate production of them.
    • Alternative recipes that reward you for automation. IC2 circuits can be made in a forestry carpenter and the recipe requires less resources than using a crafting table.
    • Semi hard mode. Armor much more expensive, high end armor is extremely expensive. Torches more than 20 blocks from the player have a small chance to burn out. (pushes players to use Luminators or get glowstone for reliable lighting).
    • Infinite sources of resources or power made harder to get. Promotes managing resources and no 'set it and forget it' resource gatherers. (Example: the IE windmill runs forever, so now requires iridium in the Kinetic generator, but also provides more power. Balances it to the IC2 windmills)
    • Railcraft buffed, rails cheaper, tunnel bore cheaper and faster.
    • Hand tools cheaper. Diamond pick only requires 2 diamonds.
    • Iridium much harder to make.
    • Jetpacks require a lot more energy, (energy sink) and each pack now functions differently. One has armor but is slow and has very little flight time, another will fly longer but has no armor. Another is cheap to run and make, has creative flight, but has zero battery storage. Gives players a way to use flight to build their base (when coupled with EIO wireless charger) but still makes flight out in the world challenging.

    The overall goal is to balance the game so players arent in Godmode within a few days of starting world, and to add lots of recipes to give players choices for production. IC2 rubber can be made using forestry machines, wood pulp, lapis dust, and seed oil. It requires more energy and investment than IC2 trees, but it means each player has a choice on how they want to progress. Long term goal is to use modtweaker and EIO and IC2's recipe systems to add more content to the game without adding more mods. Have 5 ways to produce ethanol, instead of adding 5 mods each with their own biofuel, etc etc.

    Would love any feedback, figured this was a good place to find IC2 fans. :)

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  • Oh also, ore doubling is harder in this pack. The macerator only gives 1 dust, but the ore washer and thermal centrifuge give more bonus dusts. EIO sagmill requires a ton of power but does double ores, and the IE crusher runs very slow. Again the idea is that each player can progress how they want. EIO ore doubling is cheap to set up, but harsh to run it. IC2 isnt the best output but is fairly easy to set up and cheap to run. IE is very expensive to run (slow cycle time means you will likely need more than one crusher).

  • Just an update: Steves carts (my god I hate the default recipes...), Simply jetpacks, Immersive Engineering, MPS and EIO all converted to IC2 recipes. (MPS has very tough recipes)

    lots of optional recipes added too. Make IC2 casings, wire, circuits, clay, rubber in a forestry carpenter for reduced cost. Since most of the mods use these components, its worth it to automate production of them. Centrifuge recipe added to turn Poor ores into normal ones. Use Uranium and sulfur to make EIO fuels in the vat, use IC2 distilled water in EIO vat fuels for more efficient output.

    So far 709 lines in minetweaker. If anyone here is playing this, would love any feedback.