Kirara 5 Official Thread

  • KIRARA 5

    Kirara 5 is a tech based modpack heavily tweaked to be balanced, just like the earlier kiraras, except even more than before.


    - World generation is based on avium's trimmed version of my version of Bettergeo combined with COG for ore generation using custom made scripts. Bettergeo is mostly responsible for the rock selection (layers) with vein rocks from PFAA while ores are generated based on a combination of PFAA and GT ores. PFAA ores look nice and blend into whatever rock they occur in but some needed ores occur only in GT. PFAA rock looks rather ugly compared with bettergeo which also does an awesome job with the rock layers.

    - The world is generated in steps with difficulty as well as reward increasing with distance from spawn. More difficult mobs will be encountered in the outher circles, but they will drop better loot and oregen also improves with distance. Currently there is a circular world border to prevent players from expanding before the next circle has been fully generated

    - Ore generation is based off not only world/planet and Y-level but also surrounding layer rock and biome, making prospecting and finding ores needed early game easier, but higher tier ores will be more harder to find. AR planets have a different distribution of ores, each planet being more suitable for some spefic ores while not for others, but will also be tiered so later tier planets have better/more ore.

    - Stone hardness is increased for most layers to incentivize caving more early game, as well as incentivizing making better drills and jackhammers, however limestone which occurs in the top layer will be left alone so it won't be frustrating early game to make stuff out of stone.

    - Ore and crushed stack size reduced to 16

    - Some tweaks by bloody asp: several GT machines have been replaced with Magneticraft, IE multiblocks, and TC smeltery. Rotarycraft and Reactorcraft has also been tweaked and balanced to work with GT.

    - Some tweaks by myself: Inventory size has been nerfed, so you can only carry a certain number of stacks before being slowed, regardless of how many backpacks or crates you carry. 70% of surface ore (with direct sunlight) is hidden to avoid exploiting vertical veins, as well as to nerf surface ore raiding, and encourage caving instead. Sleeping in beds heal half a heart. Mob hitpoints, attack damage and speed has been modded to increase with distance to spawn (except within 2k radius which is flat vanilla levels, and has only vanilla mobs), a circular world border with warnings and that gradually hurts you more if you go past it

    - Several players have contributed in recipe tweaking, mostly by Zulfurlubak but also Nexey. The original recipes were taken from K4 (Kirara Reborn) (see K4 thread for credits)

    To join the server, you can contact us at:

    IRC channel: #kirara

    Discord Invite (Ask me or bloody asp for access to the kirara channel)

    Official website:

    All your nerfs are belong to us

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  • Great work getting all this set up guys.

    Something I just found out you may not realise. Shift right clicking on a backpack lets you rename it :)